Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our current house is listed for sale!

Getting our current house ready to sell, plus keeping up with our Ryan appointments, plus renting out my condo (oh, and keeping up with our full time jobs) has been so stressful/tiring these past few weeks.  Being a homeowner is hard work!!  The silver lining is that our current house is absolutely cleaner than it has ever been (and more than likely cleaner than any house of mine will ever be... my aunts would be proud :)).  If I had known how much work this would be I would have hired someone else to do it; but you live and learn.  Now that it's done, I'm proud of all of the work we did.  It looks awesome and I hope it makes it sell easier/faster.  Here are some pictures of the house we are moving out of:

living room

living room and vestibule to the left

dining room


kitchen looking into dining room

back "yard"... can't wait to have a real yard!

master bedroom... look how clean!!!

vanity/dressing area... we plan on using our sitting room in the new house as a dressing area

master bath (I will miss our double showerhead)

2nd bedroom

3rd bedroom on 3rd floor (we use as an office)

"den" area with kitchenette


I find it funny because the house we are in now is 1500 sf and we only use about 1/2 of it (we hardly ever use the 2nd bedroom on the 2nd floor or the entire 3rd floor).  Our new house is almost twice the size of this, so we are going to have plenty of space that we won't know what to do with!  Hopefully it will all be filled with little ones in the coming years though :).

Kudos to my dad and brother (and everyone else who helped on the house renovation).  They really did a great job. 

Hopefully everyone's hard work pays off and it sells quickly.


  1. Your house looks great. Hope it sells quickly!

  2. Your current house is beautiful!

  3. House looks great! Good luck on the selling!

  4. Whoa! That does seem like you had a pretty busy couple of weeks! How did you manage to get all these things done, especially the cleaning and putting up your house in the market? I guess a little determination really comes a long way, and it totally paid off! The house looks stunning and very tidy! I think, by now, a lucky home buyer has already been able to give you a great deal for this property, and I’m sure it’s more than worth every penny spent!


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