Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Courtland Gate

Greg and I visited a decorated Courtland Gate model this weekend.  Our community's model is empty so it was hard to get a feel for how furniture would fit.  The Courtland Gate is the new "sister plan" to the Courtland (our home), which Ryan Homes is phasing out.  Ours will likely be one of the last Courtlands ever built!  The first floor of the CG is almost exactly the same as the Courtland so I got some great decorating/furnishing ideas.  Here are some pictures of the CG model:


Living Room (looking from foyer)

Living Room

Living Room (I plan to put my piano where that display case is)

Dining room (looking from living room)

Dining Room

I like the little bar cart in the bay window area

Dining room looking into living room


Family Room (looking from kitchen).  

Family room (note: this family room has the 4' extension)

Family room (I'm pretty sure this is how we will layout our furniture)

Family room (Greg waiting for me to finish taking pictures :))

Family room

Family room looking into kitchen

I love these chairs!  The color and fabric would go perfect with my couch.


Morning room

Morning room

Powder room

Heading to the basement (I liked those pictures)

Basement (the bar is under the morning room area)



Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom (that's the sitting area to the right)

Master bath

Master sitting area (door to the right is the bathroom)

Foyer from upstairs

Things I liked (decorating-wise) from this model:

-Trim in the upper walls of the foyer area.
-Furniture layout of living room and family room.
-I love the chairs and coffee/side tables in the family room.  (I was pleased to see that you can apparently mix wood with black furniture.  I have some black furniture already, but I didn't want to have EVERYTHING black.  I wasn't sure how it would look, but they had a mix of black and dark wood and it looked great).
-Living room curtains (for family room).
-Wall paint colors.  I love the gray accent wall in the family room with the neutral walls running into the kitchen and a slightly darker version of the neutral in the morning room.
-I love the idea of a colorful paint in the master bath.  I will probably do blue instead of the green they had.
-Bar cart in the bay window area in the dining room.
-Study layout.

Note to Anj:  Apparently I didn't get many pictures of the upstairs.  I will probably be back there sometime over the summer so let me know if you want more pictures of anything specific!


  1. Great pics! This actually reminds me a lot of the Waverly model in our community. Very similar layout and decor feel. Also great paint ideas. I really like the dark tray ceiling in the master. Totally stealing that!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! You are the best-EST! If the other SR doesn't pull through (the consultant hopes to have them "soon") before your next trip, I will definitely beg and grovel for specific pictures. Is this in Cinnaminsin or Deptford?

    Even with the basic floor plans, you tend to miss a lot of the details compared to actually seeing it in person (i.e., I never really noticed the half wall/shelf by the fridge). Thank you so much for posting these pictures! I really want those dark floors now--SO pretty with the contrasting white trim and risers!

    I know you wanted a second-floor laundry room but are you opposed to having a basement laundry versus a mudroom combo? I can't remember which is more important, the laundry space or the mud room. You'd have a lot room if the washer/dryer were relocated but if not, you might be able to reclaim some space if they were stacked...? What are your plans for the space?

    I, too, love the way they decorated this model and might have to snag a few ideas from here.

    1. These are some of my favorite colors, too! They are warm and cozy plus with a splash of color throughout makes it fun! I chose the dark wood floors in espresso with the butterscotch cabinets similar to this model. The cabinets are so pretty; it's just hard to see the true color in the pictures.

  3. No problem! I know I LOOOVE the dark wood. This one was in Cinnaminson.

    I don't think I would like a basement laundry... just bc we don't plan on finishing it for a few years and I think it would be creepy going down there at night to do laundry. lol. We are considering stacking them, but I saw also saw an idea on Houzz where the built a counter over the washer and dryer with cabinets and a hanging bar above so I think I might do that. And I have plans down the road to take some of the garage to expand the laundry room, so I guess I'll just have to deal with the tiny space for now. You are lucky you get a mud room AND a laundry room!

  4. i love the way this model was done. even though its decorated with a masculine undertone its still tasteful.

  5. Anj, these are some great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Colette…you took beautiful photos! I will be there again tomorrow…having our meeting with guardian. Also, I asked for the paint colors…hope to have them to you soon.

    1. Oh thank you... you are the best! Have fun at your meeting tomorrow!


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