Monday, June 25, 2012


We made our first stop at the lot since construction began and I'm very pleased with the progress so far.  They broke ground last Monday and we already have a foundation!  I was glad to see that our basement was dry on Sunday even though we had a massive rain storm on Friday night.  Our PM called me on Friday with our "weekly update" and he said they would probably be going through inspections this week and then start framing within the next few weeks.  

Here are some pictures of our house so far:

View from the street.

The infamous elevation bump-outs!

Ours is a reverse plan, so that's the garage at the front-left, family room rear-left, morning room/kitchen/foyer/stairs in the middle, and living and dining room on the right.  The two things sticking out in the front will be our "stoop".

Me climbing up on our stockpile to get a better shot!


  1. The lot will look diffrent almost everytime you visit

  2. Exciting!! Can't wait to see your progress!!

  3. woohoo! I can totally visualize that floorplan! That dirt mound looks like a ton of fun too!


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