Friday, June 29, 2012

Week #2 Update

I just got our weekly call from our PM...  They passed the backfill inspection on Wednesday (backfill is now completed) and the foundation inspection this morning, so they will be pouring the basement slab on Monday.  He said the lumber should be delivered either today or Monday then they will start framing either Tuesday or Thursday.  I know it's still VERY early, but it seems like everything is on schedule so far.  I hope it stays that way!

On another note... while it's been very difficult for me, I still have not bought anything for the house.  I'm trying really hard to restrain myself because I want to be in there for a while before we decide what we REALLY need to buy.  I'm also just trying not to spend money before we close since we will be pretty close budget-wise for how much cash we need a closing plus how much I want to keep in the bank.  So far we are right on schedule, but I don't want ANYTHING to affect our ability to "re-qualify" with NVR since it seems like a lot of people have had issues.
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Good idea! We didn't think we'd have any problems and right now our fingers are just crossed that everything goes through. It's a bit nerve racking!

  2. looks like ur our building buddy hubby called earlier to say that framing will start the 10th. i'm excited to see how quickly they move! and yeah its hard not to buy a thing but it's easier for me becuz i know that in my current home if i buy something we don't have the space for me to hide it :0)

  3. We just got the news today, we Re-qualified(see post It is stressful worrying about that. I can tell you, just dont make any non-payroll deposits and try NOT to xfer money from account to account. they made us write letters of explination for every time one of these happened. Good luck!

    1. Oh shoot, I just transferred money into my savings account last week. I guess we'll try to refrain from now on and get ready to write a lot of explanation letters! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Totally agree with JR. It was irritating having to explain that I transferred money from savings to checking to make the down payment. We also didn't buy much for the house before closing and I'm glad that I didn't. Some things that I had my eye on for the house, I wouldn't want now that I've been in the house. We also had planned for our sleeper sofa to go down into the basement, but it couldn't make the turn, so it's still stuck in my living room for now. Had I purchased new living room furniture, I would have an extra couch just hanging around til we could figure out what to do with it :)


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