Monday, July 2, 2012

We Have Lumber!

We stopped at our lot on the way home from the shore* on Sunday and saw that our foundation had been backfilled and our lumber has been delivered!  (*1 hour and 5 minutes from our new house to the shore... woohoo!!).  Our basement floor slab is supposed to be poured today so hopefully they will begin framing before the holiday.

Lumber has arrived!
Our lot... if you look really hard you can see the foundation sticking up.
The secret to their speedy framework... the pieces come pre-assembled!
Exterior insulation, I think.
Not sure what that black thing or the two pipes are.  I imagine it's something to do with the sump pump?

I'm guessing this is where our septic connection will be.
I am a little concerned about this.  About 10 of our frame pieces were completely destroyed.  I guess it happened during delivery.  I hope they replace those pieces and don't just try to patch them up.

Close-up of some of the broken frames.


  1. Nice! I hope they fix that wood too.probably comes with the territory, you know?

  2. I would find the nearest trash can, and help them clean up those broken pieces. :)

  3. That black cap is a one-way sewer pipe in case of water in the basement which is not connected to the sump. If you are having the basement finished, they cut the pipe down flush to the floor and cap it.

  4. Not too much looks broken and Wouldn't think they would use them. They should be short a few puzzle pieces though! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Beautiful home!


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