Friday, July 6, 2012

Patiently Waiting

Our lumber was delivered last week and they still haven't started framing.  Greg drove by on Tuesday and they had poured the basement floor slab.  So between Tuesday and Friday nothing has been done. :(  Sounds like some people took a long holiday vacation. 

PM just called and said they would start framing on Monday.  I will give them the B of the D for now, but if we don't see any progress at the end of next week I will have to go into nagging mode (my husband can tell you how pleasant that is!).

I'm hearing about people who have already had their pre-drywall meeting and are closing in the beginning of September.  We are supposed to close mid-to-late September and they haven't even started framing yet.  I'm a little skeptical of that deadline.

Now I'm off to the shore for the weekend with some good friends... that should take my mind off of the house for a few days!


  1. We're closing Sept. 20 and they only started framing last week. Today they put our roof on! It goes so fast.

  2. It does go fast...I would ask for an updated estimate though, to make sure it's not getting pushed back.

  3. There going to start framing our house later this morning. Our lumber package arrived on site 06/27/12 and there now just getting to it and were supposed to close before Sept 15. I have been told that they will make that deadline

  4. we in the same bout...framing isn't posed to start till next week but we are on expected to close sept 21st. based on what i see in everyone else's post the framing goes ridiculously fast. i wouldn't worry, they build contingencies into the schedule particularly since they were started around the holiday.

  5. We want to close end of Sept. and the lumber is not yet delivered. Without any unforeseen weather or inspection delays, we're told it is doable. I have heard it can actually be 70 days from the day they put the shovel in the ground. Our schedules will be similar so it will be interesting to see how this goes. When you get back from vaca the framing may be all done!

  6. Hi *colette* hope you had FUN in the SUN!! After reading many of these blogs and watching progress in my community; I can assure you that there is a method to there madness that we sometimes cannot see! Hope you are ready to pack and move because you should be on schedule as promised!! HOLLA!


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