Friday, June 15, 2012

More Choices & A Dilemma

Here is a picture of our lot! 
Our cabinet/granite choices are the same as the model, so I will post pictures of that after today.
And here are our flooring choices for the carpet (we had to get the same color in the whole house) and the vinyl for the kitchen, morning room and laundry room.  I originally wanted to install hardwood in the whole downstairs as soon as possible, but I'm kind of digging the vinyl we picked so maybe we'll stick with that until it needs replacing.  I didn't want to spend a ton on flooring and I didn't like any of the level 2 or 3 carpet upgrades any better than the base so we just did the base carpet with upgraded carpet pad in the family room and entire upstairs.  As long as it doesn't fall apart, I don't think you can go wrong with the base color choices they had.  This picture looks a little lighter than the floors actually are.  I like the look of light colors, but I don't like to vacuum so we went a shade or two darker for practical purposes. 
The only thing I'm worried about is where our (indoor) rabbit is going to live!  He's afraid of hardwood, but if the carpet is long enough for him to get a grip on, he will eat it.  I would love to have him in the family room with us, but he would definitely tear up the carpet.  I wonder if we could get a large area rug with very short fibers... would that look weird to have an area rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting?  Otherwise I guess we'd have to try to train him not to eat the carpet. :)
Peter!  (And my lovely husband's feet :))
Pre-construction meeting is today... I think I'm a little too excited about it!


  1. OMG! Your bunny is so CUTE! I don't think it would look weird to have a rug on top of carpet. I've seen that a lot. It will make your carpet last longer too. We also picked the base carpet for the same reasons you listed above.

  2. Oh... and I think that's the same flooring we chose for our bathrooms and laundry room!

  3. If you give a bunny a rug, he is going to want to eat the fibers :-)

    I would get a rug since it does not sound like you have much of a choice!


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