Friday, August 3, 2012


The first picture of both is us in front of our sided house.

All of our drywall has been hung!  We passed all of our "guts" inspections this week (plumbing, hvac, etc), the basement has been insulated and the septic field has been back filled.  We are moving along quite nicely.

Septic field/front lawn

Family room looking from kitchen

Morning room and family room

Morning room

Greg checking out the drywall.
Greg looking in the pantry.  Fridge will be on the right.

Living room.

Dining Room.

Study doorway looking from living room


View from upstairs hall.

Master bedroom

Sitting area

Hall bath.

Basement insulation.  (I only got one shot down here because it was really spooky!)

We also had our first house guests last night!  My cousins, who I mentioned were considering buying in the community across the street from us, came over to take a look at our house. 

Joe had to carry Kelly across our dirt lawn since she had her "cha cha" shoes on (as he calls them).

drumroll please...

They have put a deposit on a lot, so we will be neighbors in just a few short months!!  Let's all welcome Kelly and Joe to the Ryan builders community.  lol.

Kelly and Joe in front of their lot (we think)


  1. That is fantastic! Welcome Welcome Welcome, Kelly and Joe to the RH Family Blog Land!! Cheers!!

  2. I second Nadase's welcome...and BTW, I love Kelly's cha-cha shoes!

  3. It looks like you guys are basically on the same schedule as us

    1. I know! I can't wait until they deliver all of our stuff!

  4. We're in the exact same stage. When do you close? Your house is beautiful and I love the deck that you took a picture of!!

  5. Welcome Kelly and Joe! Will they be blogging?


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