Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deck Update #3: Framing Complete and Inspected

Our deck framing is complete! We worked all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and got it all finished. The inspector came out on Monday and said everything looked fine except he wants us to add more nails in a few spots. I'm glad it's nothing major! We will address his comments this weekend. Then we'll start looking into water proofing for the upper level because we want to make storage space under it so we want it to be as water-tight as possible. Here's an idea of what we are thinking for keeping the rain out of the area under the deck: 
Friday we put the finishing touches on the upper level, constructed the 2 beams and 10 support posts for the lower level and began cutting the joists for the lower level. Saturday we finished about half of the joists. The framing for the lower level was a bit more complicated because we have a one-foot cut-out for the top of the steps and a 3 foot, 45 degree angle "bumpout" overhang on the side.

Lower level.  Cut out in the middle is where the step will go.
Sunday we finished all of the joists and put on all of the finishing touches (end boards, straps, bracing blocks, etc).
Adding bracing blocks.
Sunset view from our deck!  I can't wait to sit out here with a glass of wine on a hot summer night :)
P.S. Power tools are awesome.


  1. Those are going to be some beautiful evenings out on your deck!

  2. wow its huge!!! Great design ..!!! cant wait to see the finished product!!!

  3. Your deck is so big! Ahhh, wine sounds delightful. Good job, I can't wait to see your patio furniture on the deck.

  4. The deck looks great and the view is beautiful!

  5. You go girl! Rock those power tools. :D

  6. It’s amazing that you guys were able to work on that on your own! That’s really impressive! You have such a wide space around your home so there is so much you can do with your deck. I look forward to seeing how your deck turned out.

    Angelina Garcia


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