Sunday, May 19, 2013

Landscaping Upgrades

Greg and I took off from work last Friday (Greg's birthday!!) to do some landscaping.  Greg's mom came over and helped us too.  We went to a local nursery and picked up 3 leyland cypresses, one burning bush, one "fluffy evergreen" (that's a technical term), four bushes for the side of the house and an oak tree for the back yard.  We still have a long way to go, but even just these small upgrades made a big difference.




We still need to plant some flowers and lay some fresh mulch, but I think we made good progress!  Just filling out some of the empty spaces and adding some different height bushes makes it look more interesting.  Next we want to do a big landscaped peninsula with a paver retaining wall on the right side of the house and an island with some more landscaping next to the driveway.  We are holding off on doing anything near the street until we find out what the deal is with the 10+ street trees we are supposed to be getting (long story :/).

Big thanks to my MIL for all of her help... we really put her to work!

Greg and Mom on his Birthday!
Happy Birthday Gregory!!!


  1. Really filled it up...looks beautiful!!!

  2. Wow you all dud a fabulous job!! So pretty!!


  3. I am working with a landscaper now. Bless my heart I planted my own pansies...i've never planted a thing a day in my life. They look really colorful and pretty but they have wayyyy to much space happening and the rest of the yard looks so regular. He's supposed to give me some ideas of what to do to fix it. I love the color you put in your yard, really lovely. Happy Birthday Greg!

    1. I would love to see what ideas he comes up with for you.. please share pictures! I have no clue what I am doing so we just tried to copy some other houses that I liked. We still have a long way to go though... lots of space to fill!

  4. Your home is beautiful and your landscaping is looking fab!

  5. Your new landscaping looks great! Definitely a big difference!


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