Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Need Suggestions: Furniture Layout

Has anyone done the morning room with the standard island?  There are a few upgrades (like this) that I would have liked to have gotten, but in an effort to save money we decided against.  We actually had the gourmet island listed at the beginning, but then traded it for some other things that I wanted more.  I'm totally ok with the layout of the regular island; my only concern is all of that extra space between the end of the island and the family room.  I was thinking maybe I could put a wine fridge or something at the end of the island, but I don't know how that would look.  Another option would be to put a small kitchen table in the kitchenette area and use the morning room as more of a "florida" sitting-room with some chairs and a coffee table.  I picture myself sitting in there with a book and coffee watching my future children. :)   Below is a sketch and renderings of my first option with the kitchen table in the morning room:

Option 1 with table in morning room

Looking from kitchen into family room

Looking from family room into kitchen (lots of open space)

Here's a sketch/renderings of the second layout idea with the table in the kitchenette area and the morning room as a sitting area:

My other dilemma is where to put our cable jack in the family room.  I was originally thinking directly across from the kitchen because that fits my desired furniture layout the best (and then I could see the TV from the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner), but we are getting two windows on that wall, so depending on how far apart they will be I'm not sure if it would be good to have a tv on that wall.  The other option is on the wall between the family room and the garage since there are no windows on this wall.  Here are sketches/renderings of the furniture layouts for each option.  Any thoughts or suggestions? 

Option 1: TV on wall opposite kitchen (we are getting two windows on this wall... not sure how far apart they will be)

Option 1 rendering

Option 2: TV on wall between garage and living room (no windows on this wall)

Option 2 rendering


  1. I think both ideas for the morning room are great. You will have to think about future holidays. Will you be hosting any? If so, you will want this space for dining instead. Open space isn't a bad thing. It will make your house feel even bigger.

    As for the family room, I like option #2. The longest couch is facing the television in this scenario. More people could sit facing it straight on, which is more comfortable than sitting in a different direction and turning your head. The loveseat in option #1 looks like it is too far away to really be able to enjoy watching the television, unless your tv is huge.

    Hope that helps :) I'm sure whichever you choose will be great!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I was leaning toward the 2nd option for the family room too, so I'm glad you said that. My husband also pointed out that the loveseat might be too far from the TV in the 1st option.

      Good point about the morning room as well. I'm thinking maybe I will wait to buy any furniture for there until we are in the house for a while a get a better feel for what will work best. Right now we have a small kitchen table with leaves so it could really work in either spot temporarily.

      Thanks again for the input!

  2. I agree with CMM. Open space is good. Check on materials on Feng Shui. So for me, I would go with the dining area. You can sit with a book in the nice carpeted area in the family room and look out that window. As for the family room, I would say it depends on the function of the room. Personally, I don't like attention centered on the TV. I prefer a family room to encourage more talking and human interaction. Option 2 has a large seating area directly across from the TV which makes it seem more TV centered. I prefer option 1 because of the lack of attention on the TV. I would probably move that big black cabinet or find something different though. It seems to be a little awkward to me.

    1. Thanks for the input... I know that black cabinet is something I bought for my first apartment because it fit perfectly in there, but I'm having trouble finding a good spot for it in the new home. It was kind of expensive so I'd like to try to use it somewhere, but it's so big and clunky.

  3. What program did you use to make this layout?

  4. I could have written the first paragraph of this post verbatim. Wondering how you feel about the smaller island/open space now that you have lived with it awhile?


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