Monday, June 18, 2012

Courtland Model Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the Courtland model in our community.  Unfortunately it's not decorated, but I'll be visiting the Courtland Gate model at a new community nearby very shortly (thanks Danielle!) to get a better idea of what it looks like furnished.
Foyer looking into living room.  Got the hardwood stairs upgrade!

Foyer into study (hi dad, greg and SR!).  We will have the same color hardwood in the foyer and carpet in the study.

Living room looking into dining room.  We upgraded to get that bay window in the back. We will have carpet instead of hardwood (for now).

Kitchen looking into family room

Family room.  We will have two windows instead of the fireplace on the back wall.

Kitchen.  Our cabinets and granite are the same colors, but we have the regular island instead of gourmet (it won't bend around like the one shown here).  We also have the regular appliance layout (still stainless) instead of the wall oven layout and vinyl instead of hardwood.

Morning room... I LOVE those windows!

Greg testing out the shower bench in the master bath.  Ours will have white tile.

Tub in master bath.

Looking into master bedroom from sitting area.

Sitting area, which will serve as a vanity/dressing area for us.

Walk-in closet!

We each get one!

Upstairs hall looking into 2nd full bath and 2 bedrooms (the room Greg is looking into is the bathroom).

Looking down on foyer from upstairs hall.  I love this view!


  1. Really awesome! Bummer that it's not decorated, but then again, at least you get a more accurate picture of what you are actually buying. Our model is so done up (barnwood ceiling in the morning room, for example, and fancy bar in the basement) that it's hard to tell what a real house will look like.

    1. That's a good point. Your model is beautiful! I wish it was an option to have the Ryan decorators decorate your house... imagine how much that would cost!

  2. Beautiful home…thanks for the shout out! I will be visiting the model home next week to have my meeting with Guardian!

  3. We are getting the same shower with white tile too!

    1. Oh good... I'll be anxious to see pictures of this. It's hard to picture since none of the models have it.

  4. The Courtland has a nice floor plan. I like the sitting area in the master bedroom and the opening on the second floor as you come up the stairs to place decorative objects.

  5. Congratulations! We have our Courtland on the market for rent. I will post pictures ofto it on our Avalon blog this week. I also have Courtland model home pictures that I can share.


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