Thursday, July 12, 2012

Framing (almost) Complete!

They began framing on Monday.  We went to visit the house on Wednesday and this is what we found:
 Holy moly, those guys are quick!  It's so exciting seeing this progress.  Walking through the house, it seemed so big and I can totally see Greg and me (and not-yet-existent kids) there for a long time :). 

While we were there my friend who lives in the area was on his way to the gym and saw us outside so he stopped to say hello.  I'm so excited for friends and family to be able to just "stop by"!  Oh and one of the neighbors was driving by and waved at us... I think that's a good sign that people are friendly... I can't wait to meet them! 

Brace yourself... here's a ton of pictures:
West side of house (not digging the ZERO window situation on this wall)

Back/south side of house.  Opening on the left will be our dining room bay window.  The middle is the morning room.  Family room is on the right.
East side of house.  Leftmost top window is in the master sitting room.  Little window in the middle is in the "water closet" (toilet room) and the big one on the right is next to the tub in the master bath.
Garage looking from mudroom
Windows and doors!!!

View from front door.  The stairs will be straight ahead (bullnose!!).  Living and dining room on the right.  Study, powder room, laundry room and family room to the left.  Kitchen and morning room straight back.
Living room and dining room.  Future bay window in the back.
Frames for our bay window (can you tell I'm excited about the bay window?)
Living room looking from dining room.

Powder room and study.
Family room looking from kitchen.  Mudroom and garage are to the left of this photo, morning room to the right.
Kitchen looking from family room.  Morning room to the left.
Morning room!!!  I wish we could keep the roof off :P ... it was so nice in there when the sun was setting.

Trusses!!!  My boss would be proud :)
View of house from the morning room (family room to the right, kitchen to the left)
View from our front door.  Glorious.
View from our back door.  Equally glorious... minus the stockpile, of course. 
Stairs to the basement.  It was creepy down there with no windows yet!
Basement.  Looking at area under the morning room.
Space under the stairs that will made a nice storage space!
Hi Greg!

 Hopefully the second floor floors will be installed soon so I can share some pictures of the bedrooms!


  1. they are really moving!! its amazing. if urs is framed that means ours should be framed by the weekend at the latest...they had already had the first floor together after 24 hours!

  2. Isn't it crazy how fast it moves at this stage? If you are close enough, drive by everyday or twice a day if possible. Things change so rapidly-it looks amazing! Your neighborhood is beautiful with those mature trees lining it-wow! Second floor framing will go as fast as the first...maybe faster. Camera at the ready...

    1. You are so right! My dad just sent me a photo this morning and they had 1/2 the windows in and 1/2 of the roof shingled already! I'm going to go by after work today.

  3. Thanks for sharing your picture are unbelievable…so much progress has been made!

  4. WOW moving right along your just about caught up to us

  5. I love the view from your front door!

  6. Beautiful views! Love the progress, know it is so exciting!

  7. We are at the same stage of building. Just got framed. That's a really big home and we can't wait to see pictures as the progress of your journey continues!


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