Friday, July 13, 2012

Week #3 Update

PM called with our weekly update:  Framing was completed today, roof was constructed and most of the windows were installed.  The specialty contractors (plumbing, HVAC, electric, etc) will be starting next week.  It is truly amazing how it went from nothing to a (skeleton) house in one week!

I confirmed with the PM that the washer/dryer hookups will be installed so that front load doors will open toward each other.  I also confirmed that we will have insulation in the master bedroom floor, which is above the garage.  I also got one of our closet door swings changed.  One of the master closets opened in and the other opened out.  The one that opened in would block a whole wall of shelving when you open it, so you'd basically have to get inside the closet and shut the door to get to those shelves.  Problem solved!!

In red is the change they will make to the closet door.

I was also considering having the master bathroom door swing changed.  As is it opens in and blocks the linen closet.  However he said if he changed it, the hinge locations would change too, so the door would open toward the sitting room instead of the bedroom.  I kind of prefer it either opening toward the bedroom or in, so we are going to leave that one as is.

In red is the change they would have made, but I decided to keep it as is.

I'll be doing a drive-by after work today so hopefully I'll have some pictures to share tomorrow!


  1. Hi Colette, I just found your blog and added it to my blogroll. We live in a Courtland and are building an Avalon now:

  2. Hi *colette* I put in a request to have several doors swing out to maximize the space inside the closets and kitchen cabinets. I wanted to be sure I could use the space instead of it impeding upon some of my designs.


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