Monday, August 13, 2012

Cabinets are in!

We make the 10-mile bike ride to the house this weekend and waiting for us were all of our cabinets and trim!  The kitchen cabinets and both bathroom cabinets, sinks and mirrors are in as well as all of the baseboard, interior doors and door trim.  We also got trim inside of the tray ceiling in our master bedroom which I wasn't expecting.  Nice surprise!

It was an awesome ride!  Nice country roads, not a ton of hills.

My bullnose railings are in!!  I love the way our entrance looks!

Doors into the study.

Looking through the hall from the front door to the family room/kitchen.  On the left is the powder room door and on the right are the basement door and the coat closet door.

Cabinets!!!  I LOVE them!  I am really happy with our choice, even though they are not the highest quality.  I can't wait to see the granite with it.

Our lonely island hanging out in the family room.

Closeup of the cabinet detail.

Refrigerator space.  Now that we have the dimensions, we can finally start shopping for a refrigerator!

Another view of the kitchen.

Closeup of the island.

Tray ceiling in the master bedroom.  Our room is so big!  Especially after living in my childhood bedroom for the next month, it's going to seem huge!

Cute little attic access door.

Sitting area with columns!  Love them!

Master vanity with lots of crooked drawers.

Hall bathroom vanity.

Looking out from the master bedroom.... Greg patiently waiting for me to finish taking photos.

Upstairs hall.

Some funky math on our baseboard.


Basement steps (they have to drywall around them for fire safety reasons even when your basement is unfinished).

Our well pump, which was running all weekend (apparently normal procedure) and leaking into the basement.  I just hope it was only the hose connection leaking, not the actual pump.

PVC pipe on the left is our intake pipe that we paid $180 extra for.

Our well spewing water into the back yard.

This is the model home roof... soooo many birds!  I hate birds!  We are going to have to find a way to keep them away from our house!

I said before I would write a post about the whole furnace intake pipe thing, but I keep getting distracted.  I promise I will do it today or tomorrow!


  1. Really looking great! Is that a niche in the upstairs hallway? So cool!

    1. Yes it is! I've been eyeing up my dad's house lately for a nice vase to put in there :).

  2. Love the bullnose and the column going into the sitting room! The house is just beautiful!

    1. Thanks! We were back and forth on the bullnose railing since it was kind of an expensive upgrade, but I'm sooo glad we got it!

  3. I love the staircase such a dramatic look!!..I regret not choosing that option.. :(


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