Friday, August 10, 2012

Week #8 Update

PM just called and said the whole house has been painted (white) and the cabinet and trim guys are in there right now, so hopefully I will get to see my cabinets tomorrow!!!  He also said the intake pipe for the furnace has been added.  Next week will be flooring installation.  After that the mechanical contractors will do their final work and we will get electricity in the house.  Then it will just be the finishing touches!

He said we are still on schedule for a mid-September delivery.

So exciting!


  1. Alright Aliright Alright You're moving on UP!

  2. I know you've explained a little bit about the intake pipe, but my SR doesn't understand what I'm asking about. Do you know if there's another name for it?

  3. We settle in the beginning of September, so I know what you mean by the lack of obvious progress. But it will be soon!


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