Thursday, August 23, 2012


We have electricity and an address!

I'm really loving these outside lights.
Our island is in and ready for counter tops!

Brackets for counter overhang.
All of our cabinets have pull-out drawers.
Brackets for bar overhang in morning room.

Our hardwood in the foyer and powder room is in:

Closeup of hardwood.  We got the standard gunstock color.
Other miscellaneous updates:

Pantry shelving.  About 1/2 of our closet shelving is in.
Powder room sink and light fixture.
Dining room chandelier!  (I have a nagging worry that this is actually the one that's supposed to be in the foyer.  That one is not in yet and this looks bigger than I remember the model being.  I really hope this one stays!)
My closet shelving is in.  (Definitely going to have to do some built-ins in here).
All of our toilets are in!  (Who would have thought I could get excited about a toilet?)
Fixtures in in the upstairs hall bath.  We got a shower bar, which I was not expecting.
Gutters and downspouts.
Master bath soaking tub fixtures in.
Master bath shower fixtures in.  All of the plumbing is working too.

Now that the details are beginning, the problems are starting too.  Nothing major yet, but I officially started my punch-list last night.  Here's a few of the things I've found so far:

See that dark line in the corner?  It looks like a scratch or something.  It's really just a defect in the wood, but that will bother me forever if it doesn't get fixed.  I really hope he's willing to replace that plank.
Look at that corner in the powder room!  First of all, why is it not a  square corner?  And even if there's a good reason for it not to be square, why is the angle piece not the same width from bottom to top?  See how it gets smaller and smaller the closer it gets to the ceiling?  It looks even worse in person.

I'm not going to put this on my list since it's pretty minor, but seriously... why not make it straight?
Whoever worked on the powder room did a terrible job.  They also mounted the toilet without the tank, so hopefully they put it in the right place.

One of several scratches on the cabinets.  I realize that this is a very small defect, but I'm paying for a brand new house so I'd like my cabinets to be scratch free please.
And lastly, we have been missing the trim on our 3rd garage window for about a month now.  I'm sure PM realizes this, but I'm adding it to my list just in case.

Things are coming along!  It's exciting to see the details coming into place.  It's starting to feel like a real house.


  1. I would add the bathroom vent to the list. That's ridiculous and just lazy of whoever installed it!

  2. I'm trying hard to understand why Ryan homes are not the same across the board! Some blogs I look at the PM has the counter tops covered along with the tubs and carpet once it is installed. Not ours though! I have walked in daily to see tools, sanders and even a commode tank lid laying in our bath sink. Our PM tells us not to worry because if there is a scratch he will have it filled in. First thing he has said that really disappoints me! I paid for new and we expect new. Our new carpet that was just installed, not to worry, the workers go out into dirt yard and cut their tile and back in over our new carpet they go. No big deal it's not something that they paid for. :-(

  3. Things are moving along nicely. I cannot believe the completely crooked bathroom vent. That would drive me insane would HAVE to be corrected! Some thing for the odd corner in the powder room. I hope the PM takes care of all of the issues quickly!

  4. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by all of these little issues. Hopefully everything will get resolved for all of us!

    1. You are not the only one!!! I would have all my issues addressed! I hate showdy, lazy, half ass work! If you don't address it you may find yoursf with an inner annoyance that doesn't go away! We pay way too much money to settle for less!

  5. The vent placement in our CG powder room is identical and I asked our PM about it. (It bugs me too!) He said all of the Courtlands are like that because of the joist layout. We are forever doomed to have an atypical vent!


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