Sunday, August 26, 2012

Counters are Topped

Our granite is in, our appliances have been delivered, our air conditioning unit has been installed and our yard is completely graded!

Kitchen with granite installed.  Hopefully it will be a bit cleaner when we're living there.

Microwave is in!

I'm curious as to what the "" button does.  Is the government monitoring what I eat?  And "family snacks"?  That's a pretty broad category.  lol. 

Dishwasher and stove ready to go in.

Little bar overhang into the morning room.  It was difficult to get a good shot of the granite because it was dirty, but I really like it.  I'm very happy with our kitchen choices so far.

AC unit!  I wish it were on the side because it's going to interfere with my deck design, but we'll just have to work around it.

View of our back yard all graded out.  My MIL will be happy that the big mound of dirt is gone :). 
I was out of work Friday afternoon so I didn't get my weekly update from our PM, but I'm guessing the driveway and walkway are going to go in this week because everything was framed out.  We also ran into the propane guy when we were there (we have propane heat).  He said they will be installing the tank on Monday and showed us where it will go.  It's completely out of the way so I'm happy about that.  We scheduled a meeting with him for next week so he can go over how everything works with filling the tank, payment, etc.  Apparently propane is way more expensive than natural gas, so I'm hoping we'll be able to switch over at some point but for now this is what we have to work with.


  1. Too funny! I am curious too! What is that button for? Lol Your granite tops are Ohh So pretty!! What color is it - it looks like it has a red undertone! Very nice!

  2. haha we wondered about that too a few months ago when we saw it on the microwave in the model. We did some digging and this is what one website said

    "The button allows consumers to easily cook foods found in the government’s new dietary guidelines, which is now visualized using a plate instead of the classic food pyramid. The GE website simply says, “5 food groups, 19 foods and 44 pre-programmed food combinations assist in healthy meal preparation.”"

    I don' know if it is a button that anyone will ever use but I guess it's nice to know its there lol.

  3. Im surprised they put your AC in the back. I've only ever seen it on the side! Your kitchen looks great!

  4. wow, that will be a lot of grass to mow!

    Your kitchen is looking great! Quick question about where your dishwasher will go: What's the pipe like that runs to the sink? Ours seems rather large and cuts across diagonally (versus running flush against the wall).

    1. never mind. We stopped in at the house today and they fixed it (flush against the wall).


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