Monday, August 20, 2012

Lighting and Kitchen Floors

Most of our lights have been installed.  All of the recessed lights, closet lights, bathroom light fixtures and outdoor carriage lights are in.  I really like the outside lights next to our front door and garage.  The one by the back morning room door is not in yet.  I'm anxious to see if that one will be a "head-hitting-hazard" because the wire is right next to the opening side of the slider about 5 feet up.  I also can't wait to see our foyer and dining room chandeliers.

Recessed lights in kitchen.

Light fixture in upstairs hall bath.

Ugly light in my walk-in closet.

Master bath light fixtures.

Another shot of the mater bathroom.

Garage carriage lights.

Front door carriage lights.

Closeup of the light.
Our kitchen floors have also been laid.  I think they look good with our cabinets and hopefully our tan-brown granite will match everything as well.  Our hardwood floors in the foyer are supposed to be going in today. 
Vinyl floor next to cabinets.

Closeup (with flash)

Closeup (without flash).
Look how different the color looks with and without the flash.  I can't decide which one is more accurate.

We are not scheduled to close until mid-September (week of 9/17), but it doesn't seem like they have much left to do.  I wonder if we will get pushed up at all.  Right now we are in the process of sending all of our final documentation to NVR for our mortgage re-approval.  We just received our appraisal too, which I'm very happy with (more to come on that later).


  1. Everything looks amazing! I love your cabinets. I think we have the same carriage lights-I'm really happy with their look. I am really glad you posted pics, because my bathroom lights have been bugging me for a few weeks. I thought they were installed upside down-but all other bloggers have them installed the same way. Yours are installed how I thought they should be...with the light coming down at the person. I'm going to see if they can flip mine.
    Also I had the same issue with the flash vs. no flash fo r my bathroom tile. They appear peachish in all the pics bc my flash is on.

    1. Ha.. That's interesting... I wonder which way they are supposed to be. I agree, I think I like them better they way ours are... they seem to give off better light that way. At least you have an argument now!

  2. It looks like your house is coming along very the electricity turned on yet at your place?

    1. No, we don't have electricity yet... hopefully this week!

  3. Very amazing cabinets pictures..Even the led lights used are really interesting..


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