Friday, August 17, 2012

Bathrooms Tiled

Both of our upstairs bathrooms are tiled!  We were very cheap responsible in the flooring department (we only upgraded the carpet pad in some areas), so we went with the white 6"x6" tile that is standard in our community.  While it's not my favorite thing about our house, my thought process was that I can totally live with the plain tile for a while (I definitely don't hate it), and I'm sure 5-10 years down the road I'll be itching for a project to do, so we can re-tile and spruce up the bathrooms then if we decide to.  Until then, I plan on painting the bathrooms a brighter color than I normally would and sprucing it up with some decor and window treatments.  Please share if you have any ideas!

Master Bathroom (the floor was covered and I was afraid it wasn't dry yet, so I didn't go in to get a close-up)

Hall bath.

Close-up of the floor in the hall bath.  I like the marble transition piece.

They have also done the staking for our driveway and walkway:

Walkway from driveway to front door.

Driveway staking (it looks like it's booby-trapped!)


  1. We elected not to spend any additional money in the bathroom too. Like you, I think we'll probably update it in 5 years or so. But, I do like your idea of painting the bathroom a brighter color. I may need to "borrow" that. It will definitely make the bathroom white tiles pop! As far as color, I think I would go for a turquoise or even a nice orange. Anyway, your house is definitely coming to a close with the building process. I'm sure you're excited and can't wait to be settled too!

  2. I hadn't planned on spending any money on the tile in the bathroom and even told the sales rep that I don't intend to spend that much time in the bathroom... then she walked me around the corner and I saw the 12x12 tiles and how nice they looked and I was done. We upgraded the tile in the master bathroom, but stuck with the white tile in the second bathroom. I'm sure you can spruce up all the white without a problem! I've been thinking about using some nice, bright colors for our second bathroom to spice it up a bit when we move in.

  3. We went with white tile and white cabinets in the kids' bathroom and the guest room. We also plan on making the white pop with bright paint, rugs and accessories.

  4. I like the timeless quality of the white tile. If you seal the grout and keep it clean, it's such a simple look that can take a lot of color accents/paint.

  5. Wow! You have a beautiful blank canvas to work with!! I would take a look at the beautiful bold wallpaper and/or the paint that leaves texture on the wall. I plan to do both to add because I never used wall paper and the paint with the different textures I love. I use the Earth, Fire, Water, Air elements paint from Lowe's and it is so pretty. Now Valspar has a line of the different texture selections. It's so much to choose from--have fun!!

  6. I like as RickandNadase said, a blank canvas. I like the 6x6 tile, went with the off white color and upgraded to wheat counter tops and the wyoming cherry spice cabs...then with color and such Ditto with so much to choose from on ideas and products. Not only that but gives the freedom for so many looks and that is good for resale.


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