Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Interior Design Resources

We went to visit the house around 9:30 last night and the workers were still there!!!  We drove around for about 20 minutes hoping they were just finishing up, but they didn't show any signs of leaving.  It seems like we are already ahead of schedule so I'm surprised that they would be working so late.  Greg didn't want to go in while they were there so we just turned around and went home :(.  I'm going to go over again today after work.  Hopefully I can get some pictures of whatever they were doing in there.  
Since I have no house pictures to share with you today, I thought I'd share one of my new favorite interactive design websites:  Once you register, you can create your own "ideaboards" for rooms.  They have a million different furniture and decor pieces to choose from, but my favorite part of this site is that you can upload your own pictures.  So if you want to see how something in the store will look with stuff you already have, you can take pictures of everything (or get pictures from the store website), upload them to your olioboard, and play around to see how they go together and what else you could use to pull everything together.
You can start from scratch with your own ideas or you can "love" someone else's board then use their items to make it your own.  You can download your boards to a .jpg file so you can print them out and take them shopping with you!  There's also a "shop it" feature so you can find out where to buy the things you add to your boards.  They even tell you when your selected items are on sale!
There are some other features that I haven't tried out yet and the best part is that it's free!  If you want something more advanced, you can pay to unlock additional features, but I'm not at that point yet.  I'm just having lots of fun planning my rooms as I wait for my house to be finished!
Here are some boards that I have made:

Guest bedroom idea.
I want to change this to include some furniture that I just inherited from my grandmother.  I plan to make a nightstand similar to the one shown from my late mother's old suitcase.

Possible Formal Living Room Idea

Possible Family Room Idea 
(if I stick with the red couch I already have)

Master Bedroom Idea
(I'm going to work on this one to try to make it a little less "girly", but we are using my white bedroom set so I think it may be a little on the feminine side regardless)

The "HE" and "SHE" pictures above the bed are things that Greg and I made and displayed at our wedding. They list all of the things we love about each other.  I think it would be so cute to hang these above our bed.  It will tell us which side of the bed is ours and also remind us why we fell in love :).
Here are some examples of boards I "loved" that other people have made:

I love these colors for a gender-neutral nursery (some day!!)

If I decide not to use my red couch in the family room I'd like to get a dark gray sectional and do this type of color scheme.
Happy designing!  If you decide to sign up for olioboard please follow me and I'll follow you back!  My username is colettefb.


  1. OOOH....thanks for the new toy! I love your design ideas and I wished we would have done that artwork with all the things we loved about one creative! I'm going to check out this site ASAP. I look forward to seeing house pictures too. Wow, above schedule, that's a new twist to new construction.

  2. ooh i'm so loving this!!! i'm trying not to go to the house till friday. me showing up every couple of days isn't making them go faster LOLLLL. can't wait to try out the site later on

  3. Hi *colette* I just joined!! Thanks for a great resource! love it!!! My username is Nadase

    1. woohoo! we are officially olioboard friends :)

    2. I am super excited too! I am obsessed with design! Can't wait to get started--must get some more packing done for now--if I don't I will be on the site all day!! lmbo

  4. Holy crap that is cool. Hello new workday distraction! Also love love love all of your choices. You've got a fantastic sense of style (that I will promptly copy).

    1. haha... thanks! I know, it's a terrible time-waster, but so much fun! The questions is, will I be able to re-create this stuff in my actual home... that remains to be seen :).

  5. I love it! I just joined. My username is: mariastrong
    Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to start building boards!

  6. I just figured out how to follow you. I had to enter your username in the URL. You can follow me here:


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