Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Shopping

Today we took advantage of the Labor Day sales and bought our refrigerator and washer/dryer from HHGregg!  We had been in the store a few weeks ago just browsing and the lady that helped us then was very nice so I was hoping to be able to give her the sale, but she wasn't working today.  The guy who helped us today was not the sharpest tool in the shed and a pretty horrible sales-person.  Normally I would refuse to buy something from someone with such poor customer service, but the deals were just too good to pass up.  Plus he was pretty young, so I gave him the B of the D that he was just inexperienced and not as incompetent as he seemed.

We wound up buying this LG washer and dryer in white:

We knew we wanted front load because we plan to build a counter on top of it something like this:

We also wanted the steam function on the dryer because I hate to iron and apparently the steam function works well for taking out wrinkles (fingers crossed)!  We were basically looking for the cheapest products that met those qualifications.  The ones we got were actually listed $50 more than a similar Samsung model, but I liked the chrome doors on the LG model better, and we wound up talking the guy into giving us an additional $50 off of each unit so they came out to the same price.  The original prices were $899 each and we got them for $700 each.

For our refrigerator we knew we wanted side-by-side doors and the "stainless steel look" finish because having a magnetic refrigerator for my godchildren's (and future children's) artwork is very important.  The last refrigerator we had was not magnetic and it made me so sad not being able to hang things on it.  Apparently the "stainless look" finish is more resistant to fingerprints too.  Greg really wanted the built-in water/ice maker on the door, so that was on our list as well.  These requirements didn't leave us with many choices, which was actually a good thing because it made it an easy decision.  We wound up going with this Whirlpool refrigerator.  It was originally $1,400 and our final price was $1,050.

My awesome in-laws bought the washer and dryer for us and my fantastic father bought us the refrigerator, so a HUGE thank you to them for their generosity.  We are going to be pretty tight on cash for a while after closing, so not having to pay for our appliances is a giant help.  Greg and I are extremely blessed in the family department and this is just one more example of that :).

We are having our refrigerator and washer/dryer delivered the Sunday after closing (we close on a Friday).  Hopefully everything goes as scheduled with settlement.  We have our moving truck set up for Saturday (still taking volunteers to help us move!!), then hopefully we can get a decent amount of unpacking done on Sunday.  Greg is taking some time off from work to continue to get settled, but I don't have enough vacation to take off any more time.  That is going to be a busy week!


  1. How awesome to get the appliances and everything scheduled for move in! You'll be in your home before you know it!

  2. hey looks like we got the exact same washer and dryer. i posted the non steam version i think in the samsung brand. but best buy had the LG steamers on sale for $712 (price after best buy rewards) each!!

    that fridge looks massive and what a great price too

  3. Good choices we purchased the exact LG steam washer and dryer in white from Home Depot last month

  4. *colette* you all have made some great choices. I really like the idea of building a unit over the washer/dryer to maximize the space. YAY for the fantastic father getting the refrigerator--love receiving a much needed gift!!

  5. Love LG products!! The day you close can you start moving in? We hope to have movers set for the afternoon the day we close!

    1. I love LG too! I'm sure you can move in that day... we just don't know what time settlement will be yet so I'm just planning on doing the major stuff the next day.


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