Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not so Fast!!

I posted last week that our loan processor told us we were cleared to close.... then yesterday I got an email from her saying there are 3 more things she needs from us.  I'm not that upset about it because it's minor stuff, but I just thought I'd share.  While everyone at NVR has been very nice so far, it doesn't seem like they are the most efficient when it comes to processing.  Oh, well... we will give them what they want and hope for the best.  I just hope we don't have any hiccups like this on closing day that would affect settlement.
The final grading has been completed on our lot!  (Thanks to my new neighbor for sending me a picture!!).
We also had our meeting with our propane provider (we have propane heat instead of natural gas).  I set up this meeting with the guy last week on the way home after a brutal day at work and didn't write it in my planner, and so I forgot all about it.  I got a call from him while I was grocery shopping last night wondering where I was.  I felt so bad, but he said he would wait so I quickly checked out and raced over there.  I was only 50 minutes late :).  He was super-nice though and didn't seem too upset about it.  The meeting was basically to tell us how propane works, show us where all of the shut off valves are and inform us that it will cost us about 50% more than natural gas.   Bummer, but we didn't really have a choice.  Greg and I will be sporting some heavy coats in our house in the winter to save on heat!  We will have another walk through with a technician after we settle.
Our foyer chandelier has also been installed (pictures to come)!  I think all that is left is the shower repair and installation of our stove (it's there, just not installed yet) and A LOT of cleanup work.  Oh, and another tiny to add to our punch list... one of our bedrooms has zero vents.  I can't believe our PM has not noticed and/or rectified this yet.  The air conditioning has been running so I guess the air from that line just runs into the drywall in the ceiling since it has no place to escape.  I can't imagine that is a good thing.  I wonder how they will find the spot to cut out for the vent.  I'm sure it will involve a lot of patching after the fact.  How does that happen and go for a month without being caught?


  1. *colette* I would not worry about it either! It seems to me each person who were surprised with unexpected requests moved through settlement as scheduled. I know that for us during the extended wait while in the underwriting phase, what got me the most was the space after the period and the beginning of the next sentence. It seemed like forever!!!

    I agree NVR Mortgage is a interesting group of guys to say the least. I am just hoping that my master plan will prevail in the event we have to provide additional documentation. Currently, everything they have asked us for is on a thumb drive for both of us to carry and in a folder in our email box on our mobile phones to send should we not have access to a computer. We would just send the entire folder. lol I know the only thing we would need to update are pay stubs towards the end for final approval and since my husband is the Company he will be verifying his own employment. It's crazy, but we are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep our stress level reduced.

  2. I'm glad it's just minor things that NVR is requesting. It sure seems like a lot of people recently are dealing with the same thing with them... getting the all clear and then they request more paperwork at the last minute. I'm already trying to prepare my boyfriend for that possibility when our time comes.

  3. I wonder how it compares to other lenders. We also got our "all clear" and then two small requests (one for a final paystub, and one for a sign-off on a final credit pull). Very easy to provide both (10 minutes work). Our loan specialist indicated that it was pretty common. (And based on reading everyone's stories in blog land, I believe her.)


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