Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week #11 Update

Our sink (it's nice and big!) and dishwasher are in...

Our free upgraded faucet is in.  The water REALLY smelled like chlorine.  I hope it gets better before we move in.  Apparently the well has already passed all of it's tests so I'm not sure why it's like that...

Foyer chandelier... yayyyy!!

Nice view from upstairs...

Safety gate outside of the slider is in.  Now Greg can't climb in there when they lock all of the windows and doors on us :) ...

Now some illustrations of some of the issues on my punch list:

It's hard to see here, but the towel bar is really far (definitely not arms-distance) from the shower.  And the toilet paper holder is also very far from the toilet.... especially for someone as short as me.  Why is it not attached to the cabinet right next to the toilet?  Who chooses these locations?  It seems like they just throw them up there willy nilly. 

This is the room that doesn't have any vents in it.  There was a loose vent cover sitting on the floor so hopefully that tipped someone off that something was missing.

Stain splotches on my beloved steps.  There is also still stain all over the spindles and risers so I'm keeping my eye on them.

Oops... not sure what happened here.

Our poor brand new shower had to get ripped out :(  I hope they have enough tile to re-tile it.

Another shot of the shower.
...And the countdown begins... 16 days until closing... woohoo!!


  1. On the home stretch!! Love that faucet!

  2. i've been preachin the blues about the willy nilly-ness of the placement of things. its so random, like the rock paper scissor and shoot for the locations. drove past the house today and we have bushes and trees!!! but lol i looked and was like ooookkkkkkkkayyyyy why are they so haphazardly placed. a random baby tree smack dab in the middle of the backyard :-/ what if we planned to use the backyard by putting a built in checker board into the ground??! we couldn't...

    lol we aren't...but now we definitely can't.

    otherwise i love ur sink :)


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