Thursday, September 6, 2012


As I posted before we were all cleared to close... and then needed to send a few more documents, which we did.  Then yesterday I find out that NVR and Ryan Homes have two different settlement dates listed for us.  We received the official letter from Ryan Homes last week saying that our settlement is scheduled for September 21st and this is a "firm date".  Our loan processor previously told us they would need to check our credit again right before closing, and yesterday I asked her exactly when that would happen.  She responded that she already did it on Tuesday since that is 10 days before our settlement date, and as long as our settlement doesn't get pushed back from the 14th, she won't need to check it again.
Excuse me?
Me: Our settlement date is the 21st, not the 14th.

L.P.:  What? When did your settlement date change?

Me: We never heard anything about it being the 14th, so I don't think it did change.  Our official letter from Ryan stated it was the 21st and our PM confirmed this as well.

L.P.: It's on our schedule as the 14th and no one from Ryan ever informed us of that change.  This means I will have to pull you credit again 10 days before the 21st.

Me: Won't all of these credit checks negatively affect our credit score?

L.P.: Since it's the same company doing all of the checks, it should not drastically affect your score.  Don't worry, this is not your fault.

Me (in my head..I was much calmer with my actual response): I know it's not our fault {obviously!!!}, yet we (and our credit scores) are going to suffer because Ryan Homes and NVR don't know how to communicate despite the fact that they are the SAME COMPANY!  I don't care if it's not "drastic"; it's their mistake that will negatively affect us and they could care less.  Not even so much as an apology.

I emailed our SR and copied our loan processor yesterday morning asking them to please straighten out amongst themselves when our actual settlement is.... no response.  Sweet.  It's not like people have to plan ahead for a big move.  Not to mention the fact that now we're probably going to have MORE paperwork to do with NVR.
Perhaps it's because I try so hard at my own job that I have such little patience for people who don't do theirs. 
(I'm really not as angry as this email seems.  It is just frustrating, and this is my media for venting... takes some of the pressure off of Greg :)).


  1. how retarded is that?! one hand doesn't know what the other is doing that's for sure. the 14th is like next week :-/ i hope you get that str8tened out

  2. So, I just went through the exact same thing. We were told by our PM that our settlement date will be on 10/15…NVR had it as 9/26. Our credit was done twice--9/5 and 9/6 and I asked the same question…won't this effect our credit score and will this effect our ability to get approved again for the loan. I was told it will not…ok, we'll see. I'm sure something crazy will pop off between now and then. Finally, I said, it's not my responsibility to communicate a different closing date--it's Ryan Homes…the same company you work for, right?

  3. We were told that credit inquiries were good for at least 30 days. I would question why they have to pull credit again so soon. So sorry you are having to deal with this. It's beyond ridiculous!

  4. How frustrating!!! Definitely a vent-able offense. Hope it all gets straightened out quickly!

  5. We were told the credit score is good for 75 days!!!!!!!! They pull your credit at the beginning of your contract and before settlement! It appears as if NVR and RH are pulling your score separately. We had to work with another lender and it was at that point we had to sign another form authorizing them to pull the score again! OUT OF CONTROL!! I would not have them pull my credit score again! It's unacceptable!

  6. Wow... they sure are making it difficult to give them a good review on that survey that they seem so concerned with. I hope they get everything sorted out for your quickly! Hang in there!

  7. Collete my wife said that exact same thing this evening about caring and working so hard at her job and having no patience for people that don't do their jobs...I hope this mess gets settled quickly. For the record we have received a settlement date from NVR but have never gotten one from Ryan...were not going to make that date that NVR gave us but I will say our Loan Processor has been great she told me yesterday that because we have to extend our closing and our rate lock they will have to a "soft credit check" Not sure what that means but she told me that doesn't affect our credit. I'm going to place a call tomorrow and inquire more about this

  8. My husband and I have spoken of this very thing with the NVR Ryan Home process. I don't understand how they say they have good ratings and work hard for all 10's.


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