Thursday, September 6, 2012


I just got a call from our PM to inform me that he is leaving the company and his last day is tomorrow.  He couldn't/wouldn't give me any information on our new PM so basically we are two weeks from settlement with no contact at Ryan Homes if we have questions or issues about our house.  It's nice that he gives us the heads up the day before he is leaving. 
I asked him about the settlement date mix-up and his response was "So-and-so at Ryan is responsible for coordinating that."  Ok.... well clearly she did not coordinate, so perhaps you could make a call to straighten things out.  It's kind of important that the mortgage company is in the loop on our settlement information don't you think?
Things are going downhill fast!

On a happier note, apparently our landscaping was done today.  Pictures to come.


  1. So sorry to hear that... It seems to be the trend here with NVR on all of these Ryan home blogs! Hope everything works out so you can get into your beautiful home:)

  2. I love your title!!! RH is watching the Blogs, so I am sure they will put you in contact with a temporary PM.

  3. He probably was forbidden to tell you.

  4. Whoa - what a mess. I certainly hope someone at RH is reading about this nonsense and gets you straightened out ASAP!! Totally unacceptable. Do you not have contact info for your SR or PM's higher ups? I feel like we've been given contact info for like 3 levels worth of supervisors.

  5. I'd ask for his manager's contact info, as well as contact your SR. That manager is going to be reallocating all of his builds, so he or she would know whom is taking over finishing that project. The big thing is if there were any special items or requests outstanding that you get your outgoing PM to email those or convey those to both you and his boss so they don't get lost. Good luck!

  6. Wait, what? Seriously, our sales rep (original) left the day AFTER we signed our paperwork, and now the PM? Weird. Wonder what's going on. Each of these people had been with the company for like, 8 years!

    1. Haha, I know it's crazy. I wish we could find out what happened.


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