Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our House is Finished!

We took a ride over to the house and everything is complete!  Our shower has been replaced and re-tiled, all of our appliances are in, and our landscaping has been "done". 

Our PM told me on Thursday that the landscaping was complete, but we are supposed to be getting about 7 trees along the front of our property (according to the plans) and they are not in.  When I asked about it, they said the "developer" (who is separate from Ryan homes, of course) is responsible for installing the trees.  In other words, they told us when we signed the papers that we would get them, and now chances are we will never see these trees.  I'm pretty peeved about this.  I went back through our sales agreement and it says nothing about it.  It does say that the developer is responsible for maintaining all common areas, but according to the plans the trees are in an easement (to the Township) which is on our lot (hence, not a common area).  I'm not exactly sure what we can do about it, but I am definitely going to fight this.  Part of the reason we chose that lot is because it had a few more trees on the property frontage than the other lots we were looking at.  However, since we don't have a PM to contact right now, I have to wait until the new PM contacts us.  (Side note, Greg emailed our SR asking her to give us our new PM's number and her response was that she would pass along our phone numbers to him and he should contact us shortly.  How nice.)

Enough talking.... here are the pictures of our completed (not yet cleaned) house:

First time in our driveway!

Mailbox is in!  I'll definitely want to replace this in the future but it will do for now.  And it certainly beats having to drop off our mail at a public mailbox!

Landscaping in the front.

More landscaping and our door is painted!  I want to change our knob to be silver since you can hardly see the bronze against the black.

Someone left their shorts in our bushes!

Greg checking out the back yard.  I forgot to check if our survey pins were in yet.  We paid extra to have our property corners permanently staked with iron pins.

All of the splash guards are backwards.  What idiots.

Family room.

Another shot of the family room.

Stove is in.

Kitchen and morning room.

Another view of the kitchen.

I wonder if this has something to do with the chlorine smell I mentioned the other day.


View out the study window of our new landscaping.

Living room and dining room.

Our new shower.

Master bedroom.

Linen closet at the end of the hall.

Greg's future man cave!

 12 days until closing!


  1. i love your window in the study. i don't really get the landscaping plans either good luck on working that out. i think i'm going to have to ask that they move a tree...its like 2 feet from the back of the house...we plan to have a deck and we'd have to dig it up. not to mention that we wanted the lot we picked cuz of the back yard. well how bout they put 4 trees in the middle of it :-/

    some of these decisions i just dont get. bless their hearts.

    either way you must be excited!!

  2. House looks great. Congrats!! September 21st will be here before you know it!

  3. Your house is so beautiful. Love the big master bedroom and you have a wonderful huge yard. I bet you guys are so excited!!

  4. I tell you...the joys and triumphs of building a home continues to amaze me! However, I am delighted to see you build your home and each issue get ironed out! I am totally interested to see how our landscaping is going to laid out! YOUR HOME IS GORGEOUS!

  5. The house looks great. Good luck with the tree issue.

  6. I think they put the splash guards in backward so that the rain water doesn't run straight out and wash away the grass seed. Ours were backward as well. Once the seed took, we just turned them around. We also were due to get trees planted by the developer. They did, indeed, come back and plant trees. Some were in all the front yards, and some were in the common area between the sidewalk and the street. Ryan is indeed at the mercy of the developer. Hopefully your developer is an honest one who will do what he promised. Your house is beautiful, by the way, and GINORMOUS!! Congratulations !!

    1. Thanks for that info! That's good news that your developer actually came back and planted them. I hope we are as lucky!

  7. Looks gorgeous!!! Love the tray ceiling in the master. I don't understand the shorts in your yard though. What a random thing to find.

  8. Everything looks great , except for the random shorts lol!!!! I just have to say I thought we were the only ones that found old ripped up panties in between a pile of plywood that they were installing the next day. Sometimes I wonder who Ryan actually employs!!!!


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