Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two Week Punch-List Update

Sorry I have been MIA for a while!  Work has been crazy and unfortunately has prevented me from doing much around the house.  We did have our two week punch-list items addressed.... well, some of them at least.  Here's the original issues and what was done to rectify them:

1. Cracked grout in master bath shower.  It seems like the tile on the bench in our shower is not securely attached to the framing so the outer corner tiles are pulling apart leaving a space in the grout.  I hope we don't already have mold forming under our bench.

They applied some caulk/grout combo, which helped somewhat.  But they missed a couple of the areas so this is staying on my list. 

2. Chip in the hall bath tile.  Not sure if they'll be able to fix this.

Replaced the tile.  Looks great.

3. Some nail holes in our hardwood have not been filled in.


4. Carpet not attached to the floor in some corners/edges.

Apparently they nailed some of them down, but our rabbit managed to find one corner that was missed and tear it up :(.

5. Our sink is rusting already.  Again, not sure what they can do about this, but it's worth mentioning.

The rust marks wiped right off, so I didn't bother mentioning it.

6. The biggest issue we have is the grading of our lot.  There are two very prominent low spots in which there has been standing water almost constantly since closing.  There are two swales on either side of our property and they were not graded correctly, which has caused ponding, which will eventually cause a mosquito problem, so this needs to be addressed.

As I expected, the PM gave us a hard time about this.  Of course it hadn't rained in a few days when he came out so there was no standing water and no way for us to prove that it was there previously.  He offered to lay down some sod in the area (not sure how much that would help), but so far we haven't seen anything.

Speaking of our lawn...  I have to give my husband props on his lawn-growing skills.  Our lot was only seeded, so there was literally no grass when we moved in and we already have basically a full grown lawn (in the front at least... that's what he has been focusing on).  You can barely tell the difference between the adjacent sodded areas and our lawn. 

He re-seeded and fertilized the whole front and part of the back lawn (seed is expensive!) right after we moved in in September.  There were still a few areas that weren't growing very well, so he went back and raked, top-soiled and seeded those areas.  He's out there every night moving sprinklers and pulling weeds and it's definitely paying off! 

I will dust off my camera and post some pictures very soon!

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  1. Can't wait to see some pictures!! Your punch list isn't too bad. However, I still don't understand the rusted sink! :-( I would definitely have it replaced, you have so many years to work in your kitchen with a decent sink.


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