Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two Week Punch-list

In our area Ryan Homes comes back after two weeks to take care of any issues that have popped up since settlement.  (They also come back after 10 months).  Luckily we don't have too many issues, but there are a few and one of them is pretty major in my opinion.  Here is our punch-list so far:

1. Cracked grout in master bath shower.  It seems like the tile on the bench in our shower is not securely attached to the framing so the outer corner tiles are pulling apart leaving a space in the grout.  I hope we don't already have mold forming under our bench.

2. Chip in the hall bath tile.  Not sure if they'll be able to fix this.

3. Some nail holes in our hardwood have not been filled in.

4. Carpet not attached to the floor in some corners/edges.

5. Our sink is rusting already.  Again, not sure what they can do about this, but it's worth mentioning.

6. The biggest issue we have is the grading of our lot.  There are two very prominent low spots in which there has been standing water almost constantly since closing.  There are two swales on either side of our property and they were not graded correctly, which has caused ponding, which will eventually cause a mosquito problem, so this needs to be addressed.

The annoying thing is that I brought this to the PM's attention during our walkthrough (it was not wet at the time, but I could tell it was graded wrong... this is what I do for a living), and his response was that it passed the grading inspection so it should be fine.  I'm sure he tried to brush it off because it's kind of a big deal to re-grade about 1/4 of our lot.  But I wish I had pushed the issue because it's a bigger deal now that we have actually started growing grass (our lot was seeded, not sodded).

The grading of the entire front lawn is wrong as well, but I care less about that since it's not causing any real drainage problems (yet).

Ponding in back/side yard

Ponding in front yard

Ponding in front/side yard.
We really should have curbing along all of the property frontages (at least the ones with elevations lower than the street elevations) to divert the water from the road into inlets, but that's definitely not going to happen at this point.  The drainage design of our community in general is not good.  It's poor design to have roadway water running through private property via swales, but that was how the plans were approved (several years ago... I have a feeling this wouldn't have gotten approved today).  I was wary about this when we choose our lot, but it was the best choice for us in many other ways, and overall I'm still glad we chose it.  And if it were graded the way the plan shows, we should not have these problems.

We will see what he says when we give him our two-week list, but I don't plan to back off until it is addressed.


  1. *colette* I am impressed with your knowledge with the drainage design! Ponding is not looking good!! I know it would be a mess, but hopefully they can regrade your lot. Now help me process this item on your punch list--the sink is rusting!!??? Where? It sounds like they SHOULD REPLACE it!! You just moved IN! And I hope they can handle both bathroom issues.

  2. How is your Ponding going?? Our next door neighbors had ponding too the other day when we were there and they said they are working on a solution, you would like they would have thought of that before you had YOUR home, do they just HOPE these things wont happen??


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