Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bathroom Pictures (for Julie S)

Julie S had asked how I liked the standard 6" white tile in our bathrooms so I figured I would share some pictures.  I would have preferred something fancier (but I didn't want to pay for it :)), but I'm totally ok with the way it turned out.  We haven't done much decorating or any painting yet, but here are some pictures of both of our upstairs bathrooms:

Master bath

Hall bath

As I mentioned, the tile is the 6" white that was standard in our community.  It is matte on the floor and glossy in the shower and around the tubs.  We upgraded the cabinets one level to Fairfield Maple Spice, which was $90 for the hall bath and $190 for the master bath (master would have also been $90 if we hadn't gotten the upgraded master suite).  We got the standard white cultured marble vanity tops in both bathrooms and upgraded to add the second sink in the hall bath for $695.  I just thought it looked silly with only one sink in there.  Plus having two sinks probably avoided a lot of morning fights between my brother and I when we were growing up. :)

I hope this helps those of you who are debating whether or not to spring for the better tile!


  1. Wow! that looks so much better than I thought. I wish I knew that the floor was a matte finish because I would have considered it instead of upgrading. I just kept imagining that shine on the floor and I couldn't commit. I really wanted white subway tile but, of course, Ryan Homes isnt' that modern. But, your bathroom looks so fresh and a great palette for any decor. I feel a bit of remorse now....

  2. I would have loved subway tile too! I know, it's so hard to choose flooring based on the tiny samples they give you.

  3. Thanks! At first I thought everybody upgraded (in our community B level bath tile is just 12" white with maybe 2 more color choices, and C is a LOT more expensive.) In the last few days, though, I've seen a few pics of the white though these are the best at showing how it fits with the Master Bath design, and it definitely seems to be a possibility. I think I'm going to post on tile when I get a chance... I'm committed now but I've had a few thoughts and questions


  5. Hi, we are building with ryan homes in the NoVA area too. I had a question, the cabinets in your bathroom - are they fairfield maple spice timberlake? We are contemplating between those and the scottsdale square maple cognac (your kitchen option i think), as the ones we will be putting in our kitchen. The difference is quite a lot of money. since you have both in your place, what would u recommend?


    1. Yes, our bathroom cabinets are Fairfield Maple Spice and the kitchen are Scottsdale Maple Cognac. I'm not crazy about the Maple Spice; they are very light and the drawers actually look like they have "stripes" in them. I am much happier with the Maple Cognac in the kitchen. Plus I think the raised panel that comes with the Maple Cognac looks much nicer than the flat panel. I would suggest splurging for the Cognac in the kitchen. We decided to do that and then save money in the bathrooms since you don't spend as much time in there.

    2. thanks for the pointers :)


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