Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY Spice Rack

Another small house project has been completed!  At my old house I had a shallow, stud-deep cabinet that I used as a spice rack.  Unfortunately I never took a picture of it, but it was something like this:

It was so nice having all of my spices lined up so I never had to dig in cabinets to search for something.  I used to use the lazy-susan method, but it never failed that the spice I was looking for wound up being at the very center and by the time I got to it I had knocked over six other things in the process.

I wanted something similar to my old built-in rack, but there's not really a good spot in my new kitchen for a built-in cabinet and I didn't want to sacrifice any of my regular cabinet space, so we decided to build little shelves for the side walls of the pantry. 

Pay no attention to my messy pantry.

My dad built the shelves in a matter of an hour or two.  All you need are a few pieces of 1 x 4 wood, a saw, some screws and a screwdriver, a bracket or two and some paint if you want them painted.  In all it cost about $20 to make two sets of shelves (one for each side of the pantry).  We did six shelves of varying height on each set.  If you had some scrap wood laying around, you could conceivably do this for free!  


Dad hanging my spice shelves!
I can't wait to fill them!  (The paint was not quite dry so I have to wait a little).


  1. Fantastic idea! Was there any concern with the open front of the shelf for retaining purposes? My luck I would grab something out of the pantry and knock over a shelf worth of spices on the floor! ;)

    1. It seems to be ok so far! I think they are deep enough and out of the way enough that it shouldn't be a problem.

  2. I love this idea!!! Will have to see how we can put this in my pantry!!!

  3. Ok, *colette* I am stealing this idea! It's going on my hunny-to-do list! You described the spice searching so well and I would love to have them at my exposure without taking up precious space from the counter top or for them in the lazy susan. LOVE IT!!

  4. Great idea! This is definitely going on my list of much haves...


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