Thursday, September 27, 2012

Garage Door Opener - Check!

Dad and Greg installed our garage door opener yesterday!  I'm very excited because I didn't expect this to happen for a few weeks, but they were on sale at Sears and apparently Greg and Dad were feeling ambitious yesterday.  I was at work, so I didn't get to see the whole process and take notes to share with you, but Greg said it took them about 4 hours (including an extra trip to the hardware store).  I came home just in time to be the opener/closer for all of the function tests :).
Testing it out!  I did a great job of pushing the buttons :)
We got the 3/4 HP Craftsman Belt Drive Garage Door Opener System with Die Hard Battery Back-Up.  Here is a list of some of the features/inclusions:
-three remotes
-keypad entry
-battery backup in case of power outage
-motion sensing light that automatically turns off after a 5 minutes of inactivity
-quiet motor (apparently the belt openers are much quieter than the chain ones)
-in-garage remote which provides time, temperature, light & lock settings & system diagnostic messages
-Safety reversing sensors that senses any obstruction in the way of the closing door & automatically reverses door before contact is made

My other measly contribution was mounting the keypad outside of the garage.
This was an higher end model and it cost $224 from Sears.  RH was charging $550 for a garage door opener with two remotes.  Since we installed it ourselves, we saved $326.  The installation fee would have been $140, which still would have been $186 cheaper than having RH do it.  And again, this is one of the better models.  You can get a basic garage door opener for as low as $130.
We didn't save a TON of money with this DIY, but every little bit helps!  Maybe I'll start a tally of the money we save on DIY projects versus RH upgrades... keep in mind that these calculated savings don't even take into account the 30 years of interest we'd be paying on the RH upgrades!

Next up, cabinet pulls...  It's already driving me crazy not having them!


  1. So looking forward to your tally...and it is so true that puting 30 years worth of interest on some upgrades is silly. Oh, and I'm very impressed by your mounting and you pushing the button too. You did a fine job!

  2. Wow, RH has ours at $400. If we weren't getting one included with the extra car garage add-on I probably would have done it myself, but I have a need to have both openers match. The joys of different markets!

    1. Wow, so it was only $400 for the two car garage AND your 3rd bay? That's definitely worth it for you. That's so crazy how different their prices are from place to place.

  3. We also got a garage door opener with a motion sensor light. It's so awesome to walk into the garage and have the lights come on!

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  5. How are you liking this garage opener? We're looking into them now.

    1. It's great so far. It is seriously SO quiet. When I am sitting in the family room which is right next to our garage, I can't even hear it opening. I also really like the automatic light (we barely use our actual garage lights now) and the thermometer. I thought that was superfluous when we bought it, but I check the temperature every day before I leave now.


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