Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Post-Settlement Update

Just a quick update...
Settlement Friday went well and was free of any surprises.  The move on Saturday was as painless as moving a lifetime's worth of stuff can be (HUGE thanks to my and Greg's parents and siblings, my cousin, my two friends and my dad's neighbor for helping us move.  I can't even express what a giant help they were).  We ended the day with pizza and beer and some cigars for the gentleman.
The rest of the weekend we spent unpacking, but we still have a LOT to do.  I am back at work today, but Greg is home re-seeding and fertilizing our lawn since the seeding they did was pretty minimal.  We spent a lot of money at Home Depot yesterday on lawn supplies.  Hopefully it will pay off and we'll have some grass before winter.  Greg is in charge of lawn duty, so I just let him do his thing :).
I am already starting to get used to the fact that this house is ours.  It was a little weird the first few days, but I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable.  We will have a ton of extra space for a while, but I'm sure we will fill it all eventually.
I plan to take my time with decorating and furniture-buying (I don't really have a choice since we both work full time and we have 5 weddings and 4 baby/wedding showers in the next two months), but there are a few things I hope to do right away: install a garage door opener, add cabinet hardware, and build a deck.  The first two should be fairly easy.  The third will be a learning experience, but I'm looking forward to it!
I will keep you all updated on our progress.  Oh and I will post some mid-unpacking house photos shortly.


  1. Whew…sounds like you have done a lot! You have a long time to make your new home a home…so enjoy every minute of it!

  2. Congratulations and Welcome HOME!!! :)

  3. Hooray! Enjoy every nook and cranny of your new home! We are taking it slow, too. It's really hard for me to find furniture pieces I actually want.

  4. Congrats on your closing!

    I don't suppose you have any more pictures of your master bath? I saw the shot of the shower, but I'm really curious about the overall effect in the room. How did the white tile turn out for you? Do you like it?

    1. I do like it. I plan to paint the walls a brighter color and add some colorful accessories because it is VERY white, but I think it looks nice with the maple spice cabinets. I'll post some pictures this weekend.


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