Friday, February 22, 2013

Empty Frame Gallery Wall

I've finally added a bit of decoration to our master bedroom walls:

Most of the frames I already had (isn't amazing how many random frames you collect over the years?). I wound up buying the 3 biggest ones at Goodwill for less than $10 total. I gave each a good priming (especially the wood ones, they were the hardest to cover) then sprayed all but the one with Rustoleum Metallic Champagne Mist spray paint (same stuff I used on my foot-of-the bed bench).

I used Rustoleum Berry Pink Spray Paint on the "accent" frame for some pop and to match the flowers in the canvas photo.

I laid the frames on the floor to get an idea of how I wanted them. Then I cut out paper templates of each frame and hung them with painters tape so I could see exactly what it would look like before I starting putting nails in my wall. I wound up trying a few different options before I found one I was satisfied with.  Then I just nailed right through the paper... no measuring involved!  I wish I had hung them a tad bit lower, but it will have to do as is!
Next up - some art for the wall behind our couch in the family room!
How are you all doing with decorating?  Any fun new ideas?  I love seeing pictures of rooms as they evolve so please share!



  1. Nice Colette, you have a very good vision. I've thouhgt about doing something similar once our house is finished.

  2. check you out.......Nice girl......Love it !!

    I love my bathroom decor, it just doesnt take pictures well or i would post them. Other than that, these walls are so damn large, its hard to get a vision!

    1. Post some bathroom pics!! I know what you mean about the large walls... I thought I had a great idea for behind the couch in our family room, but when I executed it, it looked so small on that giant wall. :/

  3. Colette, you have great creative skills! Awesome! It is an absolute pleasure to see people's different gifts and talents. YOU ROCK!

  4. Love it! My daughter has something similar on her walls...I will try and get a picture, but she actually has "frames" painted and then pictures, too. Had no idea when she was trying to explain it to me, but looks great.


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