Friday, April 5, 2013

Deck Update #5

We made a lot of progress last weekend!  We got all of the deck boards down on both levels, finished the steps between levels and started on the railings.  We're taking this weekend off, but I'm hoping we can get the rest of the railings done next weekend then the fascia the weekend after that.  Then all we will have left is the bottom steps, which are going to be the trickiest part of the deck.  We plan to add a patio in the next year or two, so we have to make sure we coordinate the bottom of our steps with our future patio as best we can. 

First railing up!
Beginning of the steps
We made the boards long and just cut off the excess after they were all down.
Dad trimming the boards.
My lovely husband!
Only one casualty so far... Greg hit his finger with a sledgehammer :(
Dad cutting some notches for around the posts.
Close up of the Timbertech concealed fasteners.
Greg would wack the boards into place....
...then I'd follow up and fasten them.
Close up of one of the post installations.
We are on the homestretch!!!


  1. Looks awesome! I wish we had enough skills to install our own deck/ patio!

  2. How much do you think you saved by doing this yourself? It looks amazing.

    1. I'm not sure... maybe I'll try to get a quote from someone so we can compare.

  3. Love your deck, especially the color contrast. Not only is it roomy and maintenance free but it is beautiful. You've inspired me, I want one in my life. Maybe next season :(

  4. looks lovely and love the color of the board. Wish we could build our own deck,in our community they require a licensed contractor to put up decks.

  5. Love the color and that you did it yourselves : )

  6. Wow, I wish I had the skills and know how to do something like this! Wonderful job, can't wait to see the finish!


  7. Wow!! YOU TWO & DAD ROCK!! Your DECK is beautiful!!

  8. It’s good to see that things are smoothly coming along together. The deck is near to finish. I can’t wait to see the furniture and fixtures in there. Kudos to all of you on this big progress. I’m looking forward to seeing your deck finished. #Leah


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