Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Peter's Room

This is Peter:

...and he has his own bedroom since he is our only "child" right now (and he started eating our couches when we tried to let him stay downstairs).  I saw this super-cute DIY bunny sign over at Designing and Diapers and I just had to make one for the door to Peter's room.  Luckily my super-awesome husband bought me a Silhouette cutting machine for Valentines Day (it's possible that I asked for the Silhouette solely for this project :)), so I hooked her up, cut out my bunny stencil and got painting!

The sign is just made from wood shims glued together.  I got the shims from Lowes for $1.57 and I used leftover paint samples from our family room, so this was a very cheap project (we will not count the $200 cutting machine... hehe)

Isn't it adorable!?  I think it looks just like the pose Peter is doing in the picture above!


  1. How cute......the picture of your bunny doesnt even look real...i thought it was a stuffed animal......!!, he is soooo cute!...love your project! How creative!

  2. That's cute! And I love that your bunny has his own room.

  3. Very cute! You're so creative…Peter is one lucky rabbit!

  4. This is adorable! Thanks for sharing. Love how yours turned out :)


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