Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 Month Inspection

We had our 10 month follow-up inspection today.  It's hard to believe we have already been in our house for 10 months!  Here's the issues we had listed for our inspection as well as the results from today:

1. Sticking doors - fixed

2. Master bedroom doorknob was on backwards (locked from the outside... that could have been a fire hazard!) - fixed

3. Lot grading.  We are still dealing with low spots in our lawn and ponding water.  The guy said there's another Ryan Home department that we can call about that, but we've been trying to get this fixed since day one with no luck so I don't have much hope that they are going to do anything about it.

4. Cracked tile in master bathroom - was supposed to be fixed today, but the tile guy never showed up (this has been quite typical of this company throughout the many tile fixes we have needed).

5. Crack in driveway - they are supposed to come back at another time to "fill it".

6. Wobbly/leaky kitchen faucet - fixed.

7. The condensation that drips from our hvac unit/pipes is excessive.  We constantly have big puddles around it and the insulation that wraps some of the pipes is soaked and moldy and disguising.  We have already had quite a few issues with our HVAC unit.  It seems like every time they fix something, something else goes wrong, so it's worrisome that these problems keep occurring.  If our basement were finished, we would have major water damage by now.  Now we have to call the HVAC guys to come out again. 

8. The biggest issue we had was with our water softener system.  Again, the water guys have been out to fix things three times already and each time it seems like they make things worse instead of better.  Originally, our water smelled strongly of sulfur.  Apparently because of our soil the homes in our area need a different type of filter.  RH told us they have to replace ALL of the homes in our development with this new filter.  That was fixed, then we realized that the salt in our softener tank wasn't going down at all.  We found out that it was never hooked up to begin with.  I heard from a neighbor that they had the same issue.  Needless to say, I'm getting the feeling that these guys have no clue what they are doing.  So they came back and hooked that up about two weeks ago.  A few days ago we went into the basement and noticed that the water was running through the pipes even though we had nothing on.  We checked the water softener and the tank that was full of salt less than two weeks ago was completely empty.  Somehow, when the guys "fixed" the softener, they made it so the backwash function was constantly running (it's only supposed to do it once a day), which means system was running constantly for the past two weeks (can't wait to see the electric bill this month).  So the two guys from Ryan Homes spent about 2 hours trying to turn it off or flip the bypass and couldn't figure it out.  They finally got in contact with the water contractor, who spent another 1/2 hour trying to tell them over the phone how to turn it off.  They were finally able to get a temporary fix, but the system is still not working.  The contractor is supposed to come tomorrow to fix it.  However I don't have much confidence/trust in them at this point.

Now we have to contact another RH department for them to come out and fix any nail pops/dry wall cracks.

While I like my new home, I have been very disappointed in the service we got from Ryan Homes from the very beginning (except for our 2nd PM, George... he was great for the few days he was with us). 
Does anyone else have any major ongoing issues with their house?


  1. It is hard to believe its been that long. We move in tomorrow, I'll let you know in a couple months if we have any issues.

  2. Im sorry to hear you are still having issues. Sounds like the have the Keystone Cops fixing your water softener!

    We have ongoing issues, and we are past our one year mark. The are mostly due to sloppy work. Fortunately, most of them are annoyances or cosmetic. The biggest issues are crooked/wavy walls, cracks in drywall and creaky floors. The subfloor in my kitchen is loose, so whenever you walk near the peninsula, everything creaks and continues to as you walk away. That will be fixed hopefully whenever we replace the kitchen flooring. Until then, we get to live with the embarrassing creaking.

  3. I've been meaning to do out 10 month inspection since last week! I had maybe 10 or 11 items on the list. The biggest issue we had was with the HVAC. In fact...I will do a post now :)

  4. Any luck with getting things fixed? Its common in our community to BEG to get these things fixed and you wait a very very long time to get them fixed!

    1. Some of it has been fixed, but we also have some new issues now. We had 5 appointments on Monday and have 2 more on Friday so I'll do another update after those.


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