Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pre-Settlement Demonstration Scheduled

Our pre-settlement demonstration is scheduled for this Friday morning and settlement is next Friday!!!

I mentioned before that our PM quit last week and we had some trouble getting information about our new PM.  Well, I finally got to talk with our new PM yesterday and based on our conversation, I actually like him better than the old one.  I felt like he was genuinely concerned with answering my questions instead of brushing me off and making me feel like I was annoying him.  So it may be a blessing in disguise that our PM quit and  we have the new guy for the home stretch.

We have our Uhaul scheduled for next weekend and several amazing friends/family members lined up to help us move.  I'm getting so excited!!!

8 more days!


  1. So exciting, isn't it!?! Congrats and good luck!

    Small tip based on our pre-settlement meeting yesterday -- Leave yourself plenty of time. We were there 3 hours, and that was without any issues.

  2. Very exciting!! I am happy things worked out in your favor! Have fun on Friday!

  3. Wonderful! We are just days apart in all this. Pre-settlement is next Friday and close the following Tuesday. Wowzers!

    1. I agree! It seems as if everyone closed around the same time period!! WOWZERS is right!


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