Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Layout Plans for the Study

The first big project of 2014 for us is going to be our study.  The main reason we want to get this room complete is to get organized.  All of our documents are still in boxes from when we moved.  It's really a pain to have to dig through a bunch of dusty boxes whenever we need to find something. 

Here is the "before" picture of our study (this is from before we moved in, it's a little messier than this now):

I have a pretty good "big picture" idea of how I want the room laid out.  I want to do a built-in desk and some shelves on the back wall, a freestanding desk in the middle of the room facing the big window, and a file cabinet next to the french doors. 

I drew this up from the dimensions on our floorplan, but it seems off to me.  I'll have to do some manual measuring.

Other than the layout, however, I have no vision for how I want the room to look.  I can't decide on style or colors or finishes.  Some days I like a blue-green paint with white furniture for a bright and cheery look... other days I like a dark wood tones and grays for a more masculine look.  The room is small, but it gets a lot of light, so I think I would be ok with the dark colors.  I'm hoping once we get the built-ins and the hardwood floor in, I will start to get some color inspiration.

I want to do something sort-of like this for the built-ins... a desk with cabinets and shelves above.  I definitely like the white with dark wood-stained desktop.  I will modify the layout a little, but more to come on that later. 
Here is the list of tasks/projects for the study:
1. Install hardwood floors.
2. Build built-in desk/bookshelves.
3. Install crown molding.
4. Paint.
5. Install window treatments.
6. Buy freestanding desk.
7. Re-finish file cabinet.
8. Buy area rug.
9. Lighting.
10. Decorate.
I have a date with my dad tomorrow to go hardwood floor shopping so hopefully we can get this ball rolling soon!  Our Home from Scratch has the same model home as us and they are working on updating their study too.  Maybe we can have a race to see who finishes first :).  I'm pretty sure it will be them since they already have their hardwoods in and they have lots more experience than I do with built-in units.  A girl can dream though!
Please offer input/suggestions... I am totally open to new ideas!


  1. Thanks for the mention!! Dueling studies! I like it. If you want any help with the built-ins, I'd be happy to lend a hand or a tool. We all should hang out some time, since we're practically neighbors!

  2. me and hubby did exactly that...a battle of the offices in october. i'm such a lazy cuz i never posted the pics...maybe i'll do that this weekend! otherwise it would not have gotten do. this month is all about painting and doing final decor for the kids bedrooms. enjoy the process!


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