Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY Friday {#3}

Here is the next round of my DIY Pinterest ideas!  I'm not sure which of these I'm going to try next.  Right now it's a tie between #1 and #3.  Have you completed any Pinterest projects lately?

Office Chair Makeover from the Crafting Chicks
Source: The Crafting Chicks
I reeeeeally want to buy one of these awesome customizable desk chairs from Ballard, but I'm not sure if I can bring myself to spend $500+ on a desk chair.  I saw this desk chair makeover on Pinterest and thought it might be a good option, at least temporarily, for our study.  We already have a plain chair like this, so I could do it for almost free.  Might be worth a try!

Vinyl Record Mail Holders from Hearts and Sharts
Source: Hearts and Sharts
This is seriously one of the coolest, most creative DIY projects I have ever seen.  She basically just heats up a vinyl record then bends it, lets it cool and paints it.  Ever since I saw this post, I have been searching for the perfect spot in my house to put some.

Easy Decorative Wood Crates
Source: My Home Lookbook
So cheap and easy and so functional!  Greg is always making fun of how many baskets and bins I have around the house.  I love them because it's so easy to just throw things in there when you need to straighten up quickly.  You can get unfinished crates like this from any craft store for cheap.  Then all you need to do is stain and throw some handles on there.  My MIL recently starting working at Michael's so I'm hoping to score some of these babies with her discount (I hope she's reading ;)).  This could be really cute for a shower present or something too... throw some shredded paper in the bottom and fill with gifts!

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  1. In love with #1! I have an ugly chair collecting dust in the basement, and we could use a punch of color in the office. That would be my vote. Of course, I like idea #3 as well, especially as an idea for a gift basket. My husband would have a cow if I destroyed a vinyl record, though. I'm pretty sure that would be some kind of mortal sin at my house.


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