Monday, September 1, 2014

Easy Chevron "Instagram" Frames

Hello there!  We are recovering from a long Labor Day weekend, filled with the beach and 30th birthday parties.  I was so glad I finished this project (and another which I will share shortly) before the weekend so I could just relax the rest of the weekend.  

The last thing I showed you was my DIY chalkboard calendar, which I hung on the giant blank wall in the Courtland kitchen.  I think it was the perfect “wall art” for that space, but there was still a lot of blank space above the chalkboard (I had to hang it somewhat low since I’m a shorty).  And I have been itching to do something with all of my instagram pictures, so I made these super-easy frames to display them. 

First off, it took me about two weeks to figure out how to get my instagram pictures printed.  I’m sure a lot of you have been printing from instagram for years, but I am totally not tech-savy and had no idea what I was doing.  After asking around, I found this app called Printicular, where I could just upload my photos right from my phone and either get them delivered to my door for an additional fee or pick them up at Walgreens for free.  (Of course since I’m a cheap-o I choose to pick them up at Walgreens).  I have to say, the pictures themselves were not cheap though.  The 4”x4” ones were only 39 cents each, but the 8”x8” ones that I wanted were $3.99 each.  But I could not find a place that did the square prints for cheaper.  If you know of something please share!! 

I am probably a weirdo (scratch that, I know I’m a weirdo), but I was soooo excited to pick up my pictures!  It’s been so long since I actually went to the store to pick up photos, that I forgot how exciting it is!  Remember before the digital camera age, when you didn’t even remember everything that was on your camera when you took it to get developed?  That was so exciting!  I remember walking to the CVS near my house when I was younger to pick up photos, then sitting on the curb outside the store to look at them because I couldn’t wait until I got home.  Ah, those were the days… life was so much simpler back then.  Ok, I’m done with my trip down memory lane… thanks for indulging me.

Back to the frames...  these guys are so easy to make.  Here’s what you need:

-1”x12” wood of your choice (I used select pine)
-Bulldog clip like this    
-Paint (I used samples I had leftover from my painted back splash project)
-Paint brush
-Picture Hanger (I used one like this)
-¾” screws
-Sander (optional)

And here's how to make them:

Step 1.      Cut.
Cut your wood to the desired size.  I made mine 12”x12” for my 8”x8” pictures so that I had a 2-inch “frame” on all sides.  12”x14” would work for an 8”x10” photo.

Step 2.      Sand (optional).
Sand your wood pieces and round off the edges/corners.  I did this because I think the stain takes better on sanded surfaces, but sometimes when I really don’t feel like sanding I just leave it raw and 9 times out of 10 it still turns out fine.
The one on the left is sanded and the one in the middle is not.  See the difference?

Step 3.      Stain.
Stain the wood pieces and let dry overnight.  I used miniwax “special walnut” to match my chalkboard, but I think these would look awesome with a dark walnut stain.

Step 4.      Paint:
Apply your chevron frog tape and paint with the color of your choice!  Since these are going in my kitchen I used colors to match my painted back splash (check out the tutorial for that project here).  Remove the tape right away, and let the paint dry for an hour or two.
TIP: After applying the tape, smooth out with a plastic trowel for cleaner lines.
I only did one very light coat so that the wood grain kind of showed through.

Step 5.      Sand (optional).
Sand again for a “distressed” look if you want.  I was originally planning on doing this, but then I loved how they looked after I painted them so I decided not to mess with it!

Step 6.      Attach hardware.
Flip the frame over, mark the center of the frame toward the top and attach your hanger.
Then place a photo in your bulldog clip, arrange on the frame where you want it, and mark the hole in your clip on the frame.  Finally, drill a pilot hole and attach your clip with a ¾” screw.

Step 7.      Add pictures, hang and admire your masterpiece!

This project was very quick and easy to make, and I especially love it because it is so easy to change out the pictures.  You don’t even have to take them off of the wall to change them, just squeeze the clip!

Do you have another clever way you like to display your photos?  Please share!!

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