Monday, November 10, 2014

Industrial Paper Towel Holder {Tutorial}

You may have seen the industrial pipe paper towel holder I made a few weeks ago if you checked out my new etsy shop. Today I’m going to show you how I made them. (Not sure why I am showing you how to make something I am selling, but I can’t help myself from sharing! Hopefully you just won’t feel like making one yourself and will buy one from my anyway :)).

Here’s what you need:

1x8 wood
1- 12" length of ¾” diameter black pipe (affiliate link) 
1- ¾” floor flange (affiliate link) 
1- 3/4" black pipe cap (affiliate link)
4 – ¾” #10 screws
Gold spraypaint (affiliate link) 
Oil rubbed bronze spraypaint (affiliate link)

Router (optional)
Paint brush/rags for stain

1. Cut your wood into a 6” x 6” square, then cut each corner to make a 6” diameter octagon

2. Route the edges of your base to make them fancy (optional).

3. Sand, stain and polyurethane your base. I used a dark walnut stain and two coats of spray polyurethane.  Sand lightly between coats of poly with ~220 grit sandpaper.

4. While your stain/poly is drying, clean your pipes and fittings.  This is especially important if you are using black pipe (as opposed to galvanized). I first scrubbed the pipe with cooking oil to get the sticky stuff from the price tag off, using the rough side of a sponge.  Then I scrubbed it with just regular dish soap and water to get all of the grease and dirt off. 

5. Next, I assembled my pipe, cap and floor flange and lightly screwed it into my work table (which consists of a piece of plywood on two saw horses… this is a serious workshop folks!). I gave the whole thing a generous coat of gold spraypaint, let that dry overnight, then followed up with a coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and let that dry overnight.  Once it was completely dry I lightly sanded in random places with course sandpaper to make the gold show through.

Unpainted >> Gold Spraypaint >> ORB Spraypaint
6. Finally, I attached my pipe to my base by drilling pilot holes and screwing the floor flange into my base with my spray painted #10 screws.

And there you have it...  A handmade rustic paper towel holder in six easy steps!

It can also double as a toilet paper holder for spare rolls in the powder room.  The 12” length holds like 2.5 rolls of TP, so you could always just use a longer pipe if you want to hold more.

If you like this rustic/industrial paper towel holder and don’t feel like making it yourself, I would love to make one for you!  You can place an order on my esty shop here or email me if you would like to purchase one!  This could be a cute Christmas gift for that friend or relative that you never know what to buy for!  Guys seem to love these too… at my craft show last weekend, they were a big hit with the few male craft show patrons we had :).

Speaking of Christmas… how many people have started shopping??  Usually I at least have my list put together by this time, but am behind schedule!

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  1. Such a great idea! I love it! I have pinned this to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board. Thanks for linking up with me and my lovely co-hosts! See you next Wednesday!

  2. I need one of these! Such a great idea! And you're right, it would make a great Christmas gift, too! Thank you so much for sharing at the Talented Tuesday Link Party!


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