Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week #5 Update

The PM said our HVAC and plumbing is complete and the electric is about 1/2 way done.  However it looks as though some of the HVAC pipes are still not connected so I imagine the contractor will have to come out one more time to finish up.  We discovered that we actually have a two-zone heating/cooling system, which was a pleasant surprise since our SR specifically told us it was only one. 

HVAC system.  Two zones.  Woohoo!
50 gallon hot water heater... it's not the 75 gallon we have now, but I guess it will do :)
Washer/dryer hookups
One of the hose bibs.  They are both on the sides of the house.
The men checking out the electrical work.  I'm in the master bathroom looking into the master bedroom.  There's a junction box in the ceiling of the master bedroom near where we may eventually put a ceiling fan, so that's good news.
Grounding rods on the west side of the house.

Our septic tank and drain-field pieces have also been delivered and our septic and well locations have been staked out.  PM said the septic system should be installed this week.

Septic tank.  Greg is searching for poop.  haha.
Drain field units.  Basically our entire front lawn will be full of "liquid waste" a few feet down.  It's an effective system of waste removal, but kind of gross when you think about it!  Hopefully it will help our grass grow.  :)
Pipes from the house out to where the septic tank will be.

Siding is supposed to begin this week and our pre-drywall meeting will either be tomorrow or Monday!


  1. Thanks for sharing the septic pictures. I missed our septic tank going in. I hate the thought of a septic tank, but it works!

  2. Wow..septic tank system!! Great Shots, especially of Greg!

  3. Siding up next week---whew, you will be in your house in no time!

  4. My old house had septic...I was against it at first because the house was 40 years old and it was the original system...but as long as you are careful in what you put down the drain and toilets, and get it pumped every 2 to 3 years you will be very happy with the results. The house were building has public sewer but I would have been okay with septic


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