Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tubs and Ducts

Our duct work and plumbing has begun and both of our bathtubs have been installed!  

Some stuff being stored in the garage.

The triangle of crap!

Assuming these are our water lines for the kitchen.

Water lines coming from the master bathroom above.  I guess they will run them through the walls since I don't think we need water in the family room.

Upstairs hall bathtub and water and sewer lines.  Our sinks and toilet will be along that left wall.

Triangle of crap on the 2nd floor.

Duct-o-pus in the 2nd floor ceiling.

My center for relaxation!!  (Shower on the left, soaking tub on the right)

I thought the PVC was the sewer/septic pipe, but I'm not sure why that would need to go out the roof.  ???

Water/sewer lines for our master bath sinks.

Close-up of my tub!  Woohoo!

This thing still perplexes me.  Looks pretty nasty.  I thought it was a test well, but what are all of the corrugated pipes going into it?

Basement windows installed!  

Lots of PVC joints!


  1. I thought of yellow duckies when I read your title! Your house looks great. I love the look with the side load garage.

  2. Yay for progress! I don't think we're going to catch up to you now.

    For the plumbing questions: The pipes going through the roof are for venting. Better out than in! // The multi-pipe thing in the basement might be your sump pump. When they were prepping our basement for the slab we saw a lot of pipes/hoses being run from the foundation drainage system to the sump.


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