Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Family Room Chairs Have Arrived!

I was planning on waiting until I had finished a few more things to share photos of the family room (such as the last set of curtains, which are missing from the photo below), but our new chairs arrived yesterday and I'm just so thrilled with them that I couldn't wait to share! 


drumroll please..........


The plan is to get the last set of curtains up this weekend then share the whole family room transformation with you next week.  I want to hurry up because I need some input from you guys on some finishing touches.  Let's hope I can stay on schedule :).

And here's a picture of some of the autumn decorating that has begun at our house.  I can't wait to do more; I love this time of year!

If you want to see a sneak peak of my latest project that's going on in the kitchen follow me on instagram @colettefb!


  1. Love the chairs ;) Are you going to put some accent pillows on them?

  2. I bought this same exact chair at Home Goods last week. Unfortunately, it does not look good with my current pillows and picture on the wall. The white in the chair is a little different from the white in my sofa. I was hoping that it would look good in my living room. I'll keep searching! I bought another Ashley chair in a different pattern from Marshalls the week before and it matches my family room perfectly! Ryan Homes bloggers, if you have a Home Goods or Marshalls, they get Ashley chairs in once in a while. Just keep checking.

    1. What?!?! That's awesome... I'm sure you got a much better deal than I did :(. Good to know for the future though.

    2. I paid $299 for each one. I have never seen a pair available at the same time atto Homegoods or Marshals. You can buy matching pillows for $50 each from an Ashley retailer. They take 8 weeks to come in. I was going to buy them to match the chair in the family room, but I think I can find something similar for less & in less than 8 weeks! Your room looks great! :-)

  3. Very Pretty!! I love the sacred space you crated for the two of you.

  4. Looks great!!! I also love your fall decor....

  5. Wow are those so very very very pretty, love the tables too!!!


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