Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Family Drop Zone - Shelf vs. Table

One of my outstanding projects in the family room is a command center/drop zone.  This was my original inspiration, but that stuff is wayyyy too expensive).  We always come in the house through the garage and there's a small-ish wall just inside the door that I decided would be perfect for a drop area.  There are a few main things I want this space to accomplish:

-place for keys
-place for mail & magazines
-place to display invitations, cards, etc.
-place to store my purse and work bag each day

Right now most of this stuff ends up on the kitchen table or island.  Therefore, our kitchen always looks a mess.

Here's the area I am working with:

I'm pretty clear on what I want to do with the wall space.  This is a little drawing I came up with (to scale, of course ;)):

The shelves/hooks are already there (from Joss and Main), which take care of a "place to hang keys" and other miscellaneous things.  I also bought this bright green magazine pocket from three by three.  I plan to make or modify a cork board for above the magazine pocket to display invitations, etc.  And I already have the basket for my bags.  The one thing I can't decide on is what to do for a counter space.  I originally wanted just a shelf there, so that I would have a lot of room under it to store things.  But then I got to thinking that since I'm so indecisive about this, a movable table may be better.  I really liked something like this:

I was planning to start building something like that, but then I saw this, and thought "Hmmm, it would be nice to have drawers to store stamps and other mail-y things":

I'd be fine with the building the shelf or the first table, but I'm not particularly confident that I could build something with drawers.  (The reason I wanted to build it is because I have very specific dimensions and finishes in mind).  Maybe I can convince Greg to check out some stores with me this weekend :).

So what do you think?  Should I go with a shelf, a simple table, or a table with small drawers?  Is there anything I am missing for this space?

Thanks in advance for your help!



  1. I like the table with small drawers. You can never have enough drawers or places to hide stuff in my opinion though.

    Have you checked out Ana White's website? She might have some plans for building a table that would fit your needs.


  2. Colette, I know what you mean about the drop zone, yup its our island...

    I come up with a dry erase board and hooks for keys when you walk through the garage but my opening is sooo small there is no room for shelves or a basket, good thinking though.

    I suggest a dry erase type of board so you can put the weeks activities up there, my kids (teenagers) love this feature, they actually write all there stuff up there without me asking and its the Go To board to see the week's schedule.

  3. Everything always ends up on our island also! I like how you planned everything out on paper. I would go with the drawers for a neater looks.

  4. I would go with drawers as well - always good to stash stuff quickly if you have folks stopping by. And you can keep mail-related stuff there, like you mentioned. I love that you plan this stuff out first! I'm just paralyzed by the actual idea of putting holes in my wall that I haven't done much at all with our "drop zone" area. And, everything ends up on our island too. What a mess. Plus, I LOVE your basket for your work bags - I must go find one to fit mine this weekend! Thanks for the great ideas!

  5. Mine always ends up on the kitchen counter when you first walk in! I think you would make more use out of the table with drawers and maybe the shelf above it for extra space. Always good to be able to hide things :-)

  6. I like the look of drawers to hide or stash everything..plus if its just placed in there it can still be messy and noone would know....if you get a small console tale with drawers you can still place the basket underneath for your bag


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