Sunday, October 27, 2013

Family Room Reveal - Part 1

I have been away from blog-world for way too long!  Now that wedding/shower/party season is winding down, I hope be able to do more house stuff and blogging.  Although, the holidays are fast approaching, so I'm sure I'll get busy with holiday parties and planning soon too.  There's needs to be more days in the week... or maybe just less work days! 

The family room is really close to being completely furnished/decorated.  I am going to reveal it in two posts since the room wasn't what you would call "clean" today.  You can't see all of the stuff I have piled in front of the couch from the angles of these photos ;).  This room is still a work in progress, but I'm really happy with what we have done so far. 


This is a shot of almost the whole room.  The pictures above the couch on the left need to be revised... I'll be asking for your opinions on that in an upcoming post.  The couches and chairs are from Ashley Furniture.  The paint colors are Martha Stewart's Potter's Clay on the side walls and Zinc on the back accent wall.

The console table, bookend and angel wing trays are from Joss and Main.  The candle sticks were my mom's (one is super-glued together because Greg dropped it.. haha).  The basket is from Joann's and usually holds phone chargers and errant shoes and socks.  The photo, "M", frame and vase were all gifts.  The photo is actually a picture of me and Greg (we're on a rock on the left) from a camping trip we took a few years back with my brother.

The TV console is a custom piece from Martin's Furniture in Lancaster.  The guys there do amazing work and can make pretty much anything you can imagine.  The paper mache deer head is from West Elm.  The metal circle-art things are from Kohl's.  The larger candle stick is from Joss and Main.  The basket is from Pier1 and the pillows inside came with two ottomans I got from American Signature Furniture (the ottomans will be shown in the next post).  The two poufs are from Target.  The smaller candle stick, frame, and lantern (it's actually a bird feeder) were gifts.  The burlap curtains are home-made.

The stool and gear decor are from Joss and Main.  The books are Greg's... he loves biographies.  :)

The shelf, pillows and clock are from Joss and Main.  The lamp was on sale for $15 at American Signature Furniture.  The end table is from a second hand store near my house called Wacker's Trading Post.  The coasters are home made.

Here's some close-ups of two of my favorite things in the room, the sunglassed buck pillow and the distressed clock.

The next post will show the rest of the room.  I have a mini-bar storage/bookshelf in one corner that's not shown.  And I'll also take some photos from other angles, which show the front of the couches and the coffee table (which I love) and ottomans.  I'll also share what I still have left to do in this room in an upcoming post.  Why does everything house-related take 10 times more time than you think it will??

How is everyone else's decorating going?  I'd love to see pictures of what you all have going on!


  1. I kinda suck at decorating, I am not imaginative, I just buy at Kohls and stuff, I have a tough time thinking outside of the box!
    My living room is our least favorite room in our house, its the smallest and our furniture is from our old home and it just does NOT work, not to mention the hubby HAS to have his Archy Bunker recliner!!! Which really makes it difficult to design around!

    We have focused more on the backyard since So as you can see that is where all our investment went.!

    I go to Home Goods a lot but not too much grabs my attention!!

    I'm in a creative rut!

    Your living room is super creative and cozy, awesome job :)

    1. You're out of your mind! You're great at decorating! I love what you've done with you house so far... ESPECIALLY out back. I am so jealous of your back yard!

    2. Colette, thanks :), Its funny how most people dont really think they can design at all, but others think they can...LOL. Yeah the backyard....oh gesh, my hubby is on a mission to do away with all the grass..hahahaha...our resale value to people with small kids I think down the road will be difficult (when we are old of course!) Hey, that might just be 15 years from now!!!

  2. I Love the pops of orange that you have added.. I was thinking of adding a pop color but not sure which one and how!!! Very fun, modern and creative !! Great job!!!!

    1. Yea, I decided to just to color in some cheap accent pieces since I'm sure I'll change my mind in about a year about what colors I want in there. :)

  3. I LOVE it! I want those candle sticks! I go to Home Goods at least once a week looking for things for the house!

    1. Homegoods in the best! I haven't been there in wayyyy too long.

    2. Maria I go to homegoods maybe every 2 weeks, some weeks its so Blah, and other weeks you cant afford all the stuff you want...


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