Thursday, January 23, 2014

Home Office Ideas

I am heading to NYC this weekend for a mini-getaway with my college roomates, so I won't be working on the house at all.  I do, however, have a date with my dad on Friday to check out base units for our built-in desk/bookshelves.  (When did it happen that I'd rather spend my Friday nights at Home Depot than at the bar?)  I am planning on using unfinished kitchen cabinet bases and cutting off the bottom toe-kick part to get it pretty close to the standard 30" desk height.  Here's an example of someone who did this... I think it turned out great: Home Office Before and After.  The only tricky thing I foresee is the how to do the base unit for the angled part of the wall, but we have a couple of ideas marinating.  For the wood desktop, I am between a stained butcher block counter-top (which is pretty expensive) and just throwing some 2x's together similar to this.  Normally I prefer to go with the cheapest alternative, but now that I'm a "grown-up" I'm trying to remember that sometimes it's better to spend a little extra money for something of better quality that will last longer. 
Check out my pinterest board to see some of my ideas for the built-ins and some other items in the room (such as the curtains and rug I just ordered from Crate and Barrel... crossing my fingers that I like them when they arrive!).  

The one thing I wanted to do for the "reading nook" in the corner is re-upholster a wing back chair that currently belongs to my dad.  I have been looking at local re-upholsterers and it seems like it could cost anywhere from $500-$700 to have it done by a professional.  Since I could buy a brand new chair for that amount, I think I might have a go at it myself.  I have been researching DIY re-upholster tutorials online and it seems like it's possible with a little skill and a lot of patience.  Now I just need to make sure my dad is willing to give me the chair :). 

Have you ever tried a somewhat complicated DIY re-upholser?  If so, how did it turn out?  Any tips?


  1. How the heck did you customize this page so nicely? I cant figure it out! How did you get those pics at the top of the page?

  2. I'm with you DW...please, tell us, Colette!

  3. Aw, thanks guys! The header photos I did in Photoshop... (I downloaded a free trial). I've also just been googling html code for different gadgets to add to my side bar. I'll do a post soon, a lot of it is really easy!


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