Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rug Dilemma {Study Update}

I don't know what my problem is, but I have the hardest time picking out area rugs!  Maybe it's because it takes up so much space that I'm worried if I choose the wrong one it will mess up the whole room.

I ordered these curtains and this rug from Crate and Barrel because they looked awesome next to each other in the catalog.  But when I got them home the green-ish/yellow-ish color in the rug doesn't quite match the curtains.  I also feel like the patterns don't look great together.  I love the curtains, but I'm thinking the rug will have to be returned.

What do you think?  No dice, right?

The problem is I have no idea what kind of rug to replace it with.  I'm thinking maybe a patterned one with only one color?  Or should I just do a solid color with no pattern?  Or a gray-ish one with a pattern?  Ahhh... I'm so confused!  (FYI there will be a desk in the center of the room on top of the rug.  The built ins will come out to the blue tape line on the floor to the right, and there will be a chair in the left corner near where the curtain is).

I made this inspiration board to kind of get my thoughts together.  You can't tell here, but I actually have about six rugs on top of each other in this file.  I'm a lost cause. :/

So what do you think?  Should I go patterned or solid?  Color or gray?  Do you think it should be a little big bigger than the one I have now?  

Thanks for your advice!


  1. It's hard to tell if the rug is big enough since you don't yet have furniture in there, but I went with an 8x10 in my office area and I think it's nice. Since we went with hardwood all downstairs, my rugs were the only way to break up the spaces and I like them big. I also got all mine from and they had a 70% off sale (which they are having right now too), so I got 3 rugs (2 8x10 and 1 9x12) for under $600 total. Great deal!

  2. I actually just got done reviewing a rug for on a site I work on, and I have to say their rugs are nice. They aren't badly priced either and their pictures online do really match what the rug looks like when it's delivered too. I'd personally go with a solid color rug because your curtains are stylish enough on their own. However, I'm not a designer or fashion guru by any means.

  3. Maybe if you get all your furniture, accessories, decorations in the room first you would have an easier time with the rug...i usually try to leave the rug last so i can figure out if having a patterned rug is too much for the room or a solid one would match better...btw love your hardwoods in the room , looks gorgeous!!!!

  4. has free shipping on rugs plus an extra 15 percent off this weekend. On the board u pinned I like the floral pattern rug. I think it would be very visually interesting 2 mix your more modern chevron curtains with a romantic floral. Btw I did my master bedroom in grey and yellow and I love the combo great choice!

  5. I would look for a solid blue, grey or yellow rug that has a pattern to it. I would stick away from a solid color no pattern rug. That is my two cents.

  6. Thanks everyone for the tips and ideas!

  7. love the curtains! and I like the idea of a mostly grey rug with a little color pop to it ... however, I have rug issues too!! I have looked at thousands online for the house we're building and still have zero ideas on what way I'm going with it! On another note, I love the desk!! Did you find this somewhere to purchase or is it just a random google pic?

    1. Hi Rhoda, thanks for stopping by! The desk is just a random google picture, but I actually just bought a desk from Craigslist that I plan on painting so I hope it turns out similar to this one.

  8. Rugs confuse me to no end! I love the look of them, but I am horrible at knowing how to incorporate them into a room.

    I love the gray you have on your walls. It is perfect.

  9. Maybe something plain would look good. Then you can accent the room with more pattern like decor. Stopping by from Sits.


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