Saturday, July 5, 2014

DIY Industrial Jewelry Holder

Lately I have been on a kick of giving people home made things for gifts.  Two of my friends recently moved into new houses, so I wanted to make them something special for a house warming gift.  I saw this DIY jewelry organizer on Making Home Base and I thought it would be perfect!  I had already worked with this type of pipe for my curtain rods in the family room and I love the industrial look they create.

I knew I wanted the color to be a sort of distressed oil rubbed bronze so I bought the black steel pipes from home depot.  They actually have all different short sizes already cut (they are called "nippes"... hehe) so I didn't even have to ask someone to cut them down for me.  Everything you need (besides the wood base) can be found in the plumbing isle.  I bought the following pipes and fittings (they are all 1/2"):
  • 1 - 8" pipe (for the top vertical piece)
  • 2 - 5" pipes (for the bottom vertical piece and the bottom horizontal piece)
  • 2- 6" pipes (for the top horizontal pieces)
  • 2 - tees
  • 1 - floor flange
I assembled all of the pipes and screwed the whole thing to a piece of scrap wood.  Then I gave it a coat of gold spray paint, let that dry for a day, then followed up with a coat of ORB spray paint.  Then after the second coat dried, I lightly sanded it in random places to make the gold come through.  For the base I just cut a piece of scrap pine to an 8"x"8 square, sanded down the edges a bit, and stained it dark walnut.  Then I spray painted the tops of 4 3/4" screws and attached my pipes to the base.  And there you have it!

The great thing about this is you can easily customize it for the sizes/colors you want.  Spray paint is a wonderful thing!

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